Educating for a happy life in Don Bosco's Way is a unique contribution to the science of holistic education. Beginning in 1841, it has proved its versatility across continents, cultures and contexts, regardless of the differences and challenges so typical of grass-root implementation - from formal educational institutes of higher learning to non-formal programmes for children on the streets; from lobbying for child-rights at the United Nations to safeguarding those same privileges in the favellas of San Paulo or the bastis of Mumbai.

This website is an attempt to present Don Bosco's Way to the multi-religious, multi-cultural population of South Asia and beyond. It offers educators, parents, social workers and youth leaders the opportunity to be enriched by the genius of Don Bosco and his educational method, even though they may not share his religious beliefs that are manifested in his writings which are clothed in the cultural and religious vocabulary of his time and place.

More specifically, this website is designed to equip the staff and collaborators of initiatives managed and supported by the Salesians of Don Bosco with the concepts, themes, attitudes and skills essential to Don Bosco's Way.

To derive maximum benefit from this educational resource follow the chapters on the left sequentially or click the link marked 'Next' at the bottom of each page.

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Teresio Bosco, Don Bosco, a new biography, (trans.Silvano Borruso) 2003 >>>