Don Bosco's Way
was created as a response to a request from the Salesian management of Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Kurla, Mumbai. There was an urgent need to make Don Bosco's System of Education more known and appreciated by the staff of the institute, the majority of whom belonged to various faiths other than Catholic Christianity (the religion in which Don Bosco's educational pedagogy was originally articulated). The concept included internet connectivity through which participants would have access to content at their own pace and in their own homes.

While the focus continued to be on the particular necessity of the Kurla institute, the discussion was broadened to include other similar situations in Salesian South Asia and beyond: 
  • Could the rich heritage of Salesian Education that had emerged from an Italian Catholic culture be offered to non-Catholic educators, parents, youth leaders and social workers of Salesian institutions across South Asia?
  • Across the rest of Asia?
  • Across the rest of the world - where people of all beliefs can benefit from Don Bosco's best gift to humanity?

A pilot project was developed and put before an advisory board well versed in Salesian Education and South Asian realities. The members met in July 2008 and the first version was prepared. By the beginning of January, it was set up on the Institute's website and staff members participated in the first induction programme. Unfortunately, a strictly internet-based learning methodology was not completely realisable due to unforseen constraints. 

This website  www.dbway.in  is a further development on the original version. It is the result of feedback received. While the focus is still on South Asia, it is now accessible to a world audience with richer possibilities for interaction and sharing of resources across geographical and cultural distances.

It is a work in progress. Questions, suggestions and corrections are most welcome.

Mario Vaz, Adolph Furtado, Bosco Pereira (DBIT, Kurla - 2008)

Advisory Board: Peter Gonsalves explains the DBWAY at the inauguration of the website on January 24, 2010, Salesian Headquarters, Rome 
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Peter Gonsalves explains the DBWAY at the inauguration held at 
the Salesian Headquarters, Rome, on January, 24, 2010,