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Completed AL Observing Programs:  Status Certificate Number  Date

70 Messier objects seen
All Messier objects seen


Binocular Messier@* 50 needed, 80/110 seen #932 01/11/2012
Binocular Double Star@
60 needed, 120/120 seen #037 05/25/2012
All requirements met #775 06/14/2012
Globular Cluster
50 needed, 82 /190 seen* #212 07/03/2012
Deep Sky Binocular@
All requirements met #331 08/05/2012
Double Star*
All requirements met #497 11/16/2012
Outreach - Master
All requirements met #422M 05/12/2013
Hydrogen Alpha Solar
All requirements met #002 10/18/2013
Herschel 400*
All requirements met #506 01/25/2014
Universe Sampler
All requirements met #112(T) 02/01/2014
Master Observer Award
All requirements met #149 03/19/2014
Planetary Nebula--Basic
60 completed for Basic (60/110)** #027 Basic 03/24/2014
Advanced Binocular Double Star@
50 needed, 68/100 seen #008 02/18/2015
Radio Astronomy
Bronze    Radio detection of meteors
Silver      Space Weather with a SuperSID monitor
    Gold        Sun with IBT, Galactic Radio Sources

All requirements met
All requirements met
All requirements met
Lunar II Program All requirements met #070 10/19/2015
Solar System Observers 
Binocular Certificate@-
29/34 activities done for both programs
25 needed activities done (25/34)
20 needed activities done (20/23)


Caldwell Program--Silver Level 70 needed, 70/110 seen*** #223 11/02/2015
Local Galaxy Group and Neighborhood 88 needed, 100s more to do**** #036-DA 03/26/2017
Urban Observing All requirements met #184 05/16/2017
Variable Star All requirements met #027 08/03/2017
Constellation Hunter Northern Skies All requirements met #193 08/01/2017
Observer Award All requirements met #001 09/01/2017
Carbon Star All requirements met  #09303/19/2018
Advanced Observer Award
All requirements met  #00105/01/2018
Binocular Variable Stars@All requirements met
Galileo Program@ with binocularsAll requirements met
Beyond Polaris aAll requirements met
 #018 09/28/2018
Stellar Evolution All requirements met  #06610/25/2018
Binocular Master Observer
All requirements met--Submitted 10/21/2018
Citizen Science
500 variable stars submitted to the A.A.V.S.O.
 #001--Silver* 06/02/2019
*Required for Master Observer Award
@Required for Binocular Master Observer Award

*not all 190 are possible -- at least 24 are too far south to be seen from my location, 32 are dim& tiny (around M31, M110 or M33),  54 are magnitude 14.0 or below and as such are too dim to be seen with my available optics ....80-90 would be great and the remaining ones are going to be tough.
*There is no Bronze for Variable Stars Citizen Science.

 **redo via imaging

***seeing more will be tough.  They are ordered N to S and the rest are very low or always below the horizon.

****The program lists 290+ targets.  Many are too far south or dim to see from my location.  Seeing 175 in the list might be possible.


The surviving image of me as an AstroVIP in Glacier National Park the summer of 2013
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AL Programs Submited for Approval:
  • Other Observing Programs Submitted to the AL:
    • EEOP--ALCON 2015 
      (Not rejected, but not approved either)
    • Imaging Program Objects for the Astronomical League.-ALCON 2016
      (The AL approved an Imaging Program in 2012 but there were no targets.  I was asked to submit a comprehensive list of targets and activities--they didn't like it either)

    Submitted in August 2018

    • Advanced Double Stars  (measure PA and separation)
    • Astronomical Spectroscopy
    • EEOP resubmitted
    • Eclipsing Binary Stars
    • Exoplanets

      My first telescope~1956
      I don't want to think how many times my finger has hovered above a "buy in now" button on eBay.

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