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 The Daniel Boone Trailblazers ATV Club was formed in the summer of 2006.  Based in the beautiful Eastern Kentucky Mountains in Hyden, Kentucky, the Trailblazers club not only includes local 4wheeling fans but 4wheeling fanatics from across the United States in over 20 states!!  With the motto "IN MUD WE TRUST!!!", you can count on having a great ride when you ride with the Trailblazers.  As the Trailblazers are offiicial  partners with the USFS Redbird Ranger District we are extremely proud of our volunteer work in helping with the maintenance and litter control that we do to help everyone maintain safe riding.  All club members (up to 45) can receive a free annual pass after 16 hours of volunteer work for The Redbird Crest Trails.  This is a 40 dollar savings to ride anytime you want!!!


With the goal of experiencing a carefree, scenic adventure, riding with the Trailblazers means that you must abide by the KY Laws which means you must abide by all the Kentucky ATV Laws and if you do not know those, just ask.  For example, You must wear a helmet when riding public riding areas as well as other statutes and such.  When you ride on an official Trailblazers Club Ride,  you must abide by all of these before you can have the adventure you will be talking about until your next trip down.     

            With such events as the the Trailblazers Spring Jamboree 2007 which was listed in ATV Magazine summer addition as the top pick for Best Events of the Summer for SE United States!!!  Again, the Trailblazers are also very proud of being partners with the United States Forest Service by volunteering in the upkeep of the Redbird Crest Trails which is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest.  With great pride,  The Trailblazers have proudly blazed a trail for other ATV Clubs throughout the nation as well as here at home,  by being the 1st ATV Club to partner with the U.S. Forest Service, Daniel Boone National Forest in efforts of safeguarding safe, recreational OHV riding for the all ATV, motorcycle enthusiasts, etc that frequent the trail system 365 days a year with record number visitors every year.


As well, the new RZRs are now allowed to ride the Redbird Crest Trails; however, no other side x sides are that we are aware of except for those that are involved in Trailblazers Club Clean Up rides which we will be doing more often than we thought previously as we have a new goal for our club......Let's Keep Our Trails Free of Litter and safe for others while we  just ride, ride, and ride some more; of course, we will be visiting riding areas all over and attending other club's events, fundraisers, and more.   

Always, if you have any questions about the rules and regulations of riding the Redbird Crest Trails,  please feel  free to contact them by clickiing on the icon pictured in  the upper right hand side.




Whether it is taking a group of 2 to 200 on scenic tours of our beautiful trails or taking a group to view the wonderful, beautiful, wild elk we have that graze our trail systems and lands, the Trailblazers offer FREE guide services to all tourists who may want it.    Call 606-598-2192 for the Redbird Ranger Station for riding passes, information, and any questions you may need answered. Passes are also available at the Redbird/Big Creek Exit that the Marathon riight off the exit which leads you to 421 in whch you can be only minutes away from the most beautiful land, majestiic animals, and preserved land that is just unimaginable, The Redbird Crest Trails.



  With 3 levels of riding trails (easy, medium,  and hard), as well as off park rides to places like Hell-Fer-Certain, Kentucky,  the Trailblazers are there because in the Trailblazers Den, there are no strangers, only friends at our campfire and all are welcome whether you are from Nova Scotia or Raccoon, Kentucky; you just have to be able to do these things:  Enjoy the outdoors, love riding, and have a hearty appetite because we love to eat whether we are resting on the plateau and watching  the elk graze on or going through the naturally preserved trails of the Redbird Crest Trails.  Shucks, I forgot to mention that you do not want to leave your camera at home.  Whether riding on or off park, you will see more than one thing you will want to capture on film.  

 If you arrive at dusk, just hit the trails access road and join the Trailblazers and others at Charlie's Pines or on the plateau, watching the herds of elk graze our beautiful land.








Redbird Crest Trails




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