Level-3: The Ancients

Project: Impact of Achievement Explained

How much of an impact can one person really have? This is an important question to consider when addressing the vast array of influential people that have shaped our history. While many of these people are no longer with us, their influence lives on. It is this influence that makes these historical figures important to our present and future. We benefit from their achievement, learn from their mistakes, and build on their knowledge towards future advancement.
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Essential Questions 
  • How does society and culture shape an individual’s experiences? 
  • How to experiences shape an individual’s path to becoming influential? What lasting impact do influential historical figures have on the present and future?
Performance Objectives 
Students will…
  • Establish the historical context of influential figures and analyze the impact life experiences on their achievements based on exploration of accurate biographical and historical information from varied sources. 
  • Evaluate the lasting impact of an influential figure’s achievements and make predictions as to their implications for the present and future based on scholarly articles from varied sources.
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Oct 19, 2012, 6:03 AM