DBSocial 2011 Proceedings provided by the ACM Digital Library.

Pella Hall, Divani Caravel Hotel (SIGMOD Conference Hotel)

09:15a - 09:30a
: Welcome

09:30a - 10:30a: Keynote by Jignesh Patel: Are DBMSs Any More Than Dumb Data Stores for Modern Applications?

10:30a - 11:00a: Coffee Break

11:00a - 12:30p: Regular Session 1
  1. (invited) Adam Silberstein, Ashwin Machanavajjhala and Raghu Ramakrishnan. Feed Following: The Big Data Challenge in Social Applications.

  2. Nicolas Ruflin, Helmar Burkhart and Sven Rizzotti. Social-Data Storage-Systems.

  3. Renjie Zhou, Samamon Khemmarat, Lixin Gao and Huiqiang Wang. Boosting Video Popularity Through Recommendation System.

12:30p - 14:00p: Lunch

14:00p - 15:30p: Regular Session 2
  1. Silviu Maniu, Bogdan Cautis and Talel Abdessalem. Building a Signed Network from Interactions in Wikipedia.

  2. Stefano Braghin, Elena Ferrari and Alberto Trombetta. A Rule-based Policy Language for Selective Trust Propagation in Social Networks.

  3. Talel Abdessalem and Imen Ben Dhia. A Reachability Based Access Control Model for Online Social Networks.

15:30p - 16:00p: Coffee Break

16:00p - 17:00p: Keynote by Duncan Watts: Influence and Attention on Twitter.