Persuasive - Environment

            Imagine a place with garbage and bugs everywhere, unbearable heat, toxic gasses, and no people; this will be our Earth if we don’t do something soon about our environment. Gradually, species are becoming extinct and, in my opinion, I don’t want us to be up next. We have the power to stop this. Doing your part makes a difference in escaping the inevitable, whether it means cutting your oil usage or obtaining solar panels.
            First of all, a lot of the destruction of the environment is caused by the way we live our lives. We use cars for movement, television for entertainment, and computers for work. The way we get our power is either from oil or natural resources.  A lot of it is oil. The oil, when used, releases harmful emissions into the air. These emissions contribute to global warming.  People have heard that the Arctic is melting and don’t pay any attention to how that is impacting the world. If this keeps going on, these people will feel it at some point. Global warming has made the Earth a whole degree (in Fahrenheit) hotter. This matters because 65° sounds only a bit hotter than 64°, but over time 75° will sound a lot warmer. Solar, wind, and geothermal power do not harm the environment like oil does. Why are we still using oil if we have the option to use resources that don’t damage the world? 
            If we hope to be here forever, shouldn’t we rely on resources that are going to be here forever? We can’t rely on oil because it is not even considered renewable. Oil technically is renewable but it takes millions of years to form from fossils. Wind and sun energy are renewable resources, not in the sense that they can be recycled, but that they are a never-ending resource. Although, wind, solar, and geothermal power take up less than 2 percent of total U.S. usage, a few people are starting to make the transition to natural resources.  The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt are coming out soon.  Maybe that will start a revolution of electric vehicles.
            Finally, using renewable resources helps the economy. Lately, being “eco-friendly” has become more in style and new businesses have sprung up.  Places like “” offer a wide variety of recycled items. Also, making and operating solar panels and wind turbines are creating jobs. Changing to solar energy is may be expensive and hard to find but isn’t the world worth more than money? It’s saving the world and the economy; it’s a win-win. 
            So, we can all save the world by pitching in, whatever you do. Global warming is an important issue if we plan to stay here on Earth because it affects everyone and everything living. One of the causes of global warming is oil. Oil is not as healthy or renewable as solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Oil is pricey also. By doing your part you are doing three other things in the process, saving the world, the animals in the Arctic, and the economy. So, buy some solar panels or get an electric car. Just remember to do your part.