Welcome to the Design-Based Research Special Interest Group (SIG)

In this SIG we welcome education researchers who employ a design-based research approach. As a member, you can connect and interact with other researchers to exchange ideas, knowledge and form research partnerships.

The SIG aims to:

  • Build a network of researchers who are interested in design-based research,
  • Pursue opportunities for advancing design-based research findings in education in broad terms,
  • Encourage and support postgraduates and early career researchers in various fields that employ design-based research methods, and
  • Provide a basis for debate and discussion of design-based research.

We would like to develop a vibrant community of practice so feel welcome to promote this SIG to anyone interested in using a design-based research approach. Let's support each other and have fun in the process. Membership is free! To join, just complete the Membership request form on the Contact Us page.

Design-based research

Design-based research (DBR) is an iterative, contextualised approach that seeks to have impact. Equally at home in long-term large-scale research projects or reflective practitioner-based enquiry, design-based research seeks to guide educational practice to effect change.

DBR is also commonly known as: design research, development research, design experiments, and educational design research.

Design-based research begins with the exploration of a problem (or an educational opportunity). Existing theory and research, together with consultation with practitioners in the field, form the basis for the creation of a potential solution or pedagogical approach. The solution is then implemented in context in iterative cycles of improvement. Finally, design principles are disseminated as a guide for future practice.


We invite you to add a post if you come across something that you think would be of interest to other members of this group.

SIG News

  • Welcome Jan We welcome Jan Herrington as a convenor on our new DBR SIG. Professor Herrington has been using design-based research for many years and has inspired many of her students ...
    Posted 15 Feb 2017, 05:34 by Jenni Parker
  • Welcome Vickel We welcome Vickel Narayan as a convener to our new SIG. Vickel has contributed some great ideas for developing and promoting our DBR-SIG. A couple of his ideas that ...
    Posted 12 Feb 2017, 17:51 by Jenni Parker
  • Great minds think alike! An email exchange between myself and Simone Dinse de Salas following the Edmedia conference sparked the idea of creating an International special interest group for researchers using design-based research ...
    Posted 15 Dec 2016, 02:17 by Jenni Parker
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