Welcome to DBRank 2013

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in developing effective techniques for ad-hoc search and ranked retrieval in relational databases, XML, RDF and graph databases, text and multimedia databases, scientific information systems, social networks, and many more. In particular, a large number of emerging applications require an explorative form of querying on such general-purpose or domain-specific databases; examples include users wishing to search bibliographic databases or catalogues of products, such as homes, cars, cameras, restaurants, photographs, etc. Current database query languages, such as SQL, XQuery or SPARQL, are designed for expert users and follow a Boolean retrieval model, which is inadequate for exploratory users who cannot articulate their perfect query needs.

Top-k queries and ranking query results are gaining increasing importance to address the needs of exploratory users. In fact, in many of these applications, ranking is an integral part of the semantics, e.g., for keyword search, similarity search in multimedia as well as document collections. The increasing importance of ranking is directly derived from the explosion in the volume of data that is handled by current applications. Without ranking, users would frequently be overwhelmed by too many results. Furthermore, the sheer amount of data makes it almost impossible to process queries in a traditional compute-then-sort approach. Hence, ranking comes as a great tool for soliciting user preferences and data exploration. Ranking imposes several challenges for almost all data-centric systems.

DBRank 2013, which will be held in conjunction with VLDB 2013, serves as a platform for the discussion of challenges, research, and  applications in the context of ranking for relational, XML, RDF, text, multimedia, multidimensional, and social data.
      Important Dates:

      Camera-ready submission:
July 30, 2013 (extended)
(23:00 PST) 

      Notification to authors:
      July 22, 2013

Short and vision papers due:

      July 8, 2013
      (23:00 PST)
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      Regular papers due:
      June 9, 2013 (extended)
      June 2, 2013


       July 30, 2013
The detailed program, 
      accepted & invited papers,
      and keynote abstracts are
      available online

      July 1, 2013:
      We are pleased to announce
      Stelios Paparizos
as one of
      our two keynote speakers at
DBRank 2013

      June 20, 2013
      Extended call for 
      for short and vision papers
      (due on July 8, 23:00 PST)

      June 2, 2013:
      New deadline
      for regular paper submissions
      (extended to June 9)
      April 17, 2013:
We are pleased to announce        Christian S. Jensen as one of          our two keynote speakers at
      DBRank 2013