Artist Statement
David B. Pitts

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Artist Statement: 

My main motivation for painting is the sheer joy I get from seeing a finished work and the reflection of that from my muse  (they know who they are).  About my choice of object matter,  it generally comes from pictures of places, friends and family have taken. I believe that I make a true connection between a person and the art it has to be made on an intimate and intuitive level. Occasionally, I will work on location or take the pictures myself. It  is difficult to work with acrylic in hot or dry weather. Once again my subject matter is chosen on an intuitive level. In that  I am drawn to the image and feel compelled to paint it. About my process- I mostly paint in acrylic  because it is safer for me and  my family.  Also I just like it.  I draw the image on the canvas very loosely  then  apply  the paint  directly to the canvas from my palette. Mixing and blending is done directly on the canvas.  I should also mention that when I paint or draw it is with both hands, working independently and  together in some cases. This allows me to apply paint and blend with two different colors as well as use two different types of brushes. A side benefit is being able to work on a very intuitive and instinctual level. I can act and react to the application of paint on a conscious and subconscious level.