Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

Book Title :Forensic Chemistry

As the number of forensic science and forensic chemistry degree programs has increased over the last few years, Forensic Chemistry was the first book to specifically address this rapidly growing field. It introduces the principal areas of study from the perspective of analytical chemistry, addressing the legal context in which forensic chemistry is conducted, types of samples and matrices, variety of sample types encountered, and extensive use of instrumentation. It offers a solid foundation for basic chemistry, introducing chemical concepts and practices from a forensic perspective including multivariate statistics, quality assurancequality control (QAQC), and protocols used in working forensic laboratories. Introduction Statistics, Sampling, and Data Quality Multivariate Statistics, Calibration, and Quality Assurance Sample Preparation and Chromatography Instrumentation and Microscopy Drugs and Pharmacology Forensic Drug Analysis I Overview and Acidic Drugs Forensic Drug Analysis II Basic Drugs Chemistry of Combustion I: Arson Combustion II: Explosives and Gunshot Residue Chemistry of Color: Inks and Paint Chemistry of Polymers: Fibers, Paper, Plastics and Adhesives A useful reference for anyone interested in forensics or for chemistry professionals.

Author(s) :Suzanne Bell (2005)

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