Why say 'No'?

You may ask why DBOL does not want a new library – surely this would benefit the people of Calderdale?


Our view is as follows:
1) Cabinet has closed its collective mind to the obvious alternative of repairing and refurbishing the present excellent facilities – now making the unfounded assertion that the Library and Archives would need to be closed for two years to allow this;
2) Councillors have been given insufficient information on which to base a reasoned judgement;
3) The proposal is being driven by the needs of developers rather than the needs of Calderdale. 
4) The new location will be less accessible than the present buildings, on the edge of town rather than in the centre - the video below, from Copleyvalleyguy, shows the walk from the current Central Library/Archive to the proposed new site.

Walk from Central Library to proposed new site

5) The space available for the new facilities is inadequate