Eme: 25-27 Months

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This weekend we took a mini family vacation to downtown Chicago.  On Sunday, we had lots of fun at Day Frog, an indoor play place downtown.  It was really cool.  It only cost $15 for Eme, and parents are free.  The price is an all day price, and we could come and go as we pleased.  They have a kitchen there for meals, and also for painting.  Eme had so much fun; we recommend Day Frog to anyone visiting Chicago!

 Below: Eme in a foam pit with the blocks; rocking; playing with a dollhouse that was taller than her; bouncing on the big bouncy ball; climbing on the foam blocks; driving the police car; playing in the kitchen; and painting.  We didn't include pictures of the Lego table, puppet theatre, dress up clothes, train tables, tube slides....

Snuggling with Daddy at the hotel on Saturday night. 

Navy Pier on Saturday night.  This was probably the highlight of Eme's weekend; along with swimming in the hotel pool.  In the middle picture, Eme is riding on Thomas the Tank Engine!!!  We were not sure that she would go on the train because we couldn't go with her.  But she did, and lasted the whole ride!  She was fascinated with all of the Thomas merchandise for sale in the center of the train track. 

Downtown, Saturday afternoon.  We started our weekend by looking at the Macy's windows, as well as the huge Christmas tree in the Walnut Room.  We also stopped in the German Beer Garden to look at the big tree and all of the little arts and crafts booths; and ate at a Subway (Eme loved that, as she got apple juice!).  Eme looked like a big purple marshmallow in her snowsuit, but it kept her warm!  

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...We went to Tammen's Treeberry Farm on Sunday and got our Christmas tree!  Eme actually had so much fun tramping through all the mud, and liked watching the tree shaker (which was surprising as it was kind of noisy!) 

Eme really loves playing outside (even when it's *freezing*) and Grandma Fo-ko-ma (Folkertsma) taught her how to make a snowball.  (great)  And it was hilarius to watch Grandma and Daddy throw snowballs at eachother...thankfully mommy was safely behind the camera.  But now every time Eme goes outside in the snow, she wants to walk in the snow and make snowballs.  

And still more Birthday Party (#4) fun.  Grandma Fo-ko-ma knows the way to Eme's heart...a Thomas backpack and Sesame Street table and chair set.  Both of which are now taking up residence in our living room...  But anyway, Eme loved eating breakfast at her new table while at Grandma's house.  Oh, a side note, the dress Eme is wearing is one I wore, and Grandma F also wore when she was little!   Another thanks to everyone who helped make Eme's day special: Aunt Barbara, Aunt Terri, Chris and Angela, Andrea and Jeff, Justin, and Grandpa and Grandma.  And please excuse the pumpkin pie on Eme's face...she kept coming to get a bite between the opening presents. 

More fun at Grandma's!  Eme is very affectionate.  Although she likes to hug Thomas most of all (Thomas balloons, Thomas toys, Thomas towel, Thomas pjs...both on and off...), Grandpa will do in a pinch.  Eme was also thrilled to get some attention from her big cousins, Andrea and Justin.  She doesn't get to see them too much since they live in Michigan, but she talks about them a lot!