Eme: 22-24 Months

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Eme's Birthday

This year, Eme got to help decorate her own cake!  She enjoyed frosting it, but putting the sprinkles on it was probably her favorite part.  Plus, they tasted really good too!  Eme also put all of the candles on the cake.  They spelled out "Happy Birthday", and I laid out all of the letters and told her what one to pick up.  She did pretty good at finding the correct one each time.  After I put the first one one and told her to put them all in a line, she did the rest!  

Birthday Party (#1) fun!  Eme is really into Thomas the Tank Engine right now; along with the old Sesame Street faves (most notably Elmo, Bert and Ernie).  Eme liked her Thomas bubble bath very much, along with the detachable toy on top.  After presents, she got to blow out candles on her cake and then play with her balloons some more.  Dave had gotten the balloons the night before and tied them onto a chair, so she saw them first thing when she came downstairs on her birthday.  She was so excited to see them, that she DROPPED BUNNY[!!!!!!!!!!!] and raced to see them!  Her favorite one was Thomas, of course, and she's "hugging Thomas" in the last picture.  Everytime we saw balloons in the stores over the past several months, Eme has asked for an Elmo balloon, and we've pacified her by saying maybe she could have one for her birthday.  So of course we followed through and it was worth it to see the expression on her face!  Her mylar ones are still floating (today is Dec 4) and she still drags them around everyday! 

More Birthday Party (#2) fun!  The Saturday after Eme's birthday we had her "party" in the morning.  I use the quotes because we requested no presents, and we didn't do the traditional cake thing either, as the kids were just too young.  We started out playing in the basement, and for those of you who have SEEN our basement can guess just how much fun that was!  For those of you who haven't seen it, it's full of toys; and I mean FULL of toys!  We had a lot given to us  Grandma B-ma (Boerema) when the preschool she worked at closed.  Then, we brought in all the outside toys (bikes, scooter, lawnmower ("wanna-mow"), etc. for the winter.  And finally, those garage sale bargains do add up...ANYWAY, after the playing, we came upstairs and each girl got to decorate a ceramic piggy bank with ceramic markers (no great pics of this made it to the webiste.  Then they all got to decorate cupcakes (because it's just not a party without cake in some form!), then everyone trooped back to the basement for some play time while I made lunch.  After eating we played upstairs for awhile until it was apparent that most were ready for a nap...we had so much fun, thanks to everyone who came to make Eme's day special!  And a special thanks to Grandma B-ma for helping mommy and daddy clean up!

And still more birthday party (#3) fun!  (Are you tired yet?  We were!)  After Eme's friend party and a nice long nap, Grandpa and Grandma Boerema, Papa (Dave's grandpa) and Aunt Laura and Uncle Luke came for yet another round of birthday fun.  Eme loves, loves, LOVES the Thomas train from Luke and Laura, and has also painted with both her new bathtub and finger paints.  G&G also had a big hit with all the playdough paraphanelia; although Eme also really likes the Elmo puzzles.  And although a picture didn't make it; Eme liked the "coo-bus" (school bus) cake I made for her. 


The big girl bed makes its debut!  We were going to surprise Eme with it, but decided against it as Eme doesn't necessarily adapt well to change.  So we talked about it for a long time, and told Eme that she could help Daddy build it.  She wanted to take down her crib, too, but we didn't as we thought we'd better keep it as a backup.  Because, after all, even though Eme SAID she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed, we didn't know if she would really want to when it came down to it.  As it turns out, we should have taken it down because although Eme adapted beautifully to her new bed and loves it, she now wants the crib to stay for Molly, a friend from church (we're not sure why Eme thinks Molly will need it, but she's convinced!)  Anyway, Eme loved helping Daddy build the bed, and has slept through the night in it every night since then.  Except for the time she lost Bunny over the edge, but that's understandable...it was Bunny after all. 

Even though it's November, today was almost 70 degrees!  Norah and Clara came over this morning, and we had lots of fun playing outside in the wagon.  We also had fun drawing with sidewalk chalk and bringing the tunnel outside. 


So, I know some of you are thinking, "wasn't Eme a ladybug last year?"  Yes, she was.  The very observant of you out there are probably thinking "Well, that costume looks JUST LIKE the one from last year"  Yes, it does.  In fact, it is the same costume as last year.  We did actually buy her a bunny costume thinking that she would be totally excited to be a bunny (those of you who have met "Bunny" will understand...).  But no, our Eme saw last years costume and absolutely refused to wear the bunny one.  Since this one still fit, we went with it!  I also included a picture from last year so you all can see how much she's grown!Eme was not too sure about trick-or-treating, but she caught on pretty quickly.  But after each house we went to she said "Home, home?"  And I would ask if she wanted to go home, to which she'd reply "nooooOOOOO" and we'd continue on to the next house. 

Brookfield Zoo
We finally got a chance to bring Eme up to Brookfield Zoo for the day!  It was in the upper 60s, and I (Liz) didn't have to work (parent-teacher conferences - since I'm only part time, I don't have to conference!)  Eme was super-impressed with the elephants and can do a mean elephant impression!  She also enjoyed touching the baby chicks and watching eggs hatch.  The Hamill Family Play Zoo was also very interesing...we recommend it to anyone thinking about the zoo: it's definitely worth the extra admission fee.


These pictures are actually reversed chronologically, but when Norah and Clara came today, we decided to decorate Halloween cookies!The girls caught on quickly (big surprise!) and actually didn't even eat the frosting until about half way through.  Eme figured out how to open the top on all of the sprinkles, but the mess was contained in her cake pan.  When we were finished, the girls were so tired they had to rest.  Only two-year-old logic would dictate that they lie on the cold, hard, kitchen floor (as opposed to the carpet only 12 inches away); but they each covered up with their blanket, and Bunny finally gets to make his website debut! 

Pumpkin Patch #2

IT WAS SO COLD!  But Eme had a great time anyway, and we got our pumpkin to carve. 

Pumpkin Patch #1

We decided to visit Siegels Cottonwood Farm after we heard about it from a friend.  Eme's favorite part was the wooden school bus, which she got to drive!!!  She also really enjoyed feeding the animals; but the most novel activity was the balloon room.  It's the orangey looking picture below and what it is is a giant inflatable pumpkin with an air current running through it blowing balloons around the kids. 

Swimming Lessons

We enrolled Eme in swim lessons again this fall, and she loved them!  We were really surprised that she liked and wanted to go under the water (we caught her coming up in the larger picture).   


Some of you were lucky enough to receive an Eme special in the mail!  She LOVES to paint, as you can see in the pictures!She generally begins with the brushes, but moves quickly to using her fingers.  She's getting a lot of experience mixing colors.  Oh, and the first picture needs an explanation too.  You can see that Eme is eating M&Ms (which she got after a doctor's appointment...but don't get me started on a doctor handing out candy!)  The funny thing was that I was washing dishes, and happened to glance over at Eme to see how she was doing.  Not only had she divided the "M's" into groups based on color, she turned them all so that the printed M was visible.  THEN she proceeded to eat them by starting with the smallest groups and working her way up to the groups that had the most candies in them.  What a smarty-pants!

Apple Picking

Eme still talks about this, and likes to look at herself in these pictures.  We went to County Line Orchard in Indiana to pick apples.  They also had a petting zoo and a pumpkin house!Eme got to ride behind a tractor, which was pretty cool, and really did like picking the apples. 

At The Park
Eme had lots of funplaying at the park earlier this fall!