Eme: 19-21 Months

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Labor Day weekend: We spent Monday at the Huizenga's, swimming and just hanging out with lots of friends from church.  Earlier in the weekend, Eme got a big thrill out of sliding down her slide into her little kiddie pool.  She also enjoys pushing her bike around (that's what mom does...it must be the right way to do it!) and had fun water painting with daddy.  Actually, the water painting only lasted a few minutes, then we found out how fun it was to dump the water out! 

Eme had so much fun in her "ball bath"!  Now she asks for balls almost every night...either that or for Elmo bubbles (bubble bath with Elmo on the package).

Thank you to Aunt Barbara for this outfit that she gave us last spring!  It finally fits Eme.  She actually seems to enjoy wearing hats, at least for awhile.  In the second picture, she's reading a book about Grover going to school.  This has been a big favorite ever since we told Eme she's going to school.  Incidently now that Eme actually has to go to school, she doesn't seem to like it much!  She's been crying more and more each day that she has to go.  Hopefully she will soon adjust (and take naps) because she goes three days a week!  Her teachers have said that she stops crying very soon after I leave, though, so that's good to hear.  The other two days a weeks she goes to "Miss Ree-na's", (Jeana's) for the afternoon.  Eme loves going there (so far) because she gets to play with her best friend, Norah, and also Norah's baby sister Clara.  And we enjoy having the girls visit us two mornings a week while Miss "Ree-na" gets some free time!

At the Exploration Station with Grandma Boerema.  These are just a few highlights of the day.

Playing with Sadie in Michigan.  These two used to be afraid of each other.  Sadie is still a bit wary most of the time, but very curious about this loud little human that chases her around and plays with her toys. 

John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, MI

We were in Michigan last week, and had the opportunity to take Eme to the zoo.  It's not Brookfield Zoo, but Eme enjoyed it anyway (and so did we).  Highlights included the aquarium, playing on the wooden train (that was probably the best part!!!), the petting zoo, feeding the birds, brushing the fur of a baby goat, and just hanging out with daddy and mommy.  Honestly, Eme was a little freaked out by some of the animals and didn't want to get too close, but eventually she did relax a little bit.

Pentwater, MI

We spend a week in Pentwater every year.  Usually it's camping, but this year we stayed in a cottage!  Eme was a little wary of Uncle Ralph for most of the week, but did survive.  She's going through a stranger-anxiety stage now, hopefully she outgrows that quickly!  She is also very cautious about loud or unfamiliar sounds, and wants to be picked up alot and covers her ears (or closes her eyes).  But anyway, we had lots of fun staying up late, eating outside, playing in daddy's hammock, and playing with Aunt Beth.  I'm just realizing that I don't have any pictures up of Em's favorite activity: we had to go to the beach every day to play in the sand!  So much fun!  Swimming was out this year, Lake Michigan was waaay to cold!

Chris and Angela's Wedding, Detroit, MI

Thanks to Tricia (Liz's niece) for letting us stay in her townhouse and making us all the yummy food to snack on!) Ummm, ok.  Despite the caption, none of these pictures are from the wedding, and only the first one is from the reception.  The next two are at Tricia's place, where you can see that our little smarty-pants is already playing Scrabble with her pseudo-auntie Tricia.  Ok, so she can only identify a handful of letters and had more fun putting them down her new Elmo shirt, but who cares...fun is fun.  The last picture is from the same weekend, and shows Eme getting her new Elmo shirt and Tickle Me Elmo from G&G Folkertsma.  She's on daddy's lap b/c Tickle Me Elmo is kind of scary when it laughs and moves.  Also notice the newish Elmo slippers...she's outgrown her other pair.  Do you see a theme here???  Long live Elmo! 

Thanks to Aunt Barbara and Brenda for the poke bonnet!  Eme likes to get packages in the mail!  It's definitly better than getting her picture taken!  Later that same day, daddy built Eme an amazing city of block towers.  Eme had a blast knocking them all down!

A few more Banff pictures.  The first three are from the airport on the way home, and the last are miscellaneous pictures from Grandma's camera. 

Some more pictures that we copied from Grandma's computer this weekend.  These are from camping earlier this summer.  Eme thinks she's sooooo cool when she wears her sunglasses, even in the bathtub!  Eme also encountered her first s'more this week.  Daddy read the stupid Peter Cottontail book for about the millionth time, and Eme looks so cute taking her nap!

Also some pictures from earlier this summer.  When we were in Michigan for Angela's shower, Aunt Faith came to visit and brought her granddaughter Lily!  They were so cute in the bathtub together, and Eme's hair was extraclean as Lily helped her wash it about 8 times!  

Banff Trip - Friday

Today was kind of rainy, and we had an easy morning just walking around Canmore and doing some souvenir shopping.  In the afternoon, we drove to Kananaskis Village; this was the site of the G8 summit in 2002.  It's primarily a ski resort, but it was fun to walk around and look in some of the little shops.  Eme saw fish in the pond, kissed a bear, and had fun walking behind daddy on the "stone" paths. 

After Eme went to bed, we went on a hike to Grassi Lakes.  For much of the way up the mountain, the trail was wet with running water (it rained much of the day).  The lakes were beautiful.  We had been hoping to go further on the trail to see ancient pictographs, but the trail beyond the lake was closed due to a rock slide and dangerous conditions.  

Banff Trip - Thursday

Lake Louise is a glacial lake, and is really beautiful.  Although we didn't exactly hike, we did walk for several kilometers along the trail next to the lake.  It had a 0 meter elevation gain, so it was easy enough for Eme (even though she was carried nine-tenths of the way).

Another glacial lake, Moraine Lake.  The aqua ("ah-ka" in Eme-speak) color you see in the picture is really the color of the lake.  The glacier grinds up the rock below it, resulting in "rock flour", which is basically the consistency of baking flour.  The sediment is suspended in the water, and the water absorbs all the light from the spectrum, except for the ah-ka color which is reflected back to the eye.  So, it looks like there's a tropical body of water in the middle of the mountains!

Radium Hot Springs.  Although we were expecting something a little more natural looking, these are two swimming pools filled with naturally heated mountain spring water.  Eme wasn't too fond of the hot one, but she liked the cool pool with the slide.  Although she is perfectly capable of climbing the ladder herself, she likes to have help.  Luckily, Grandpa was there to help her up so mommy could take a picture (daddy caught her at the bottom of the slide).  Wheeeeee!

Banff Trip - Wednesday

After all of the driving on Tuesday, we kind of took it easy today.  But we (Dave and Liz) did go kayaking.  It was fun, and we saw an elk from just a few yards (meters!) away, along with some muskrats, loons, and geese. 

Banff Trip - Tuesday 

Athabasca Glacier at the Columbia Ice Fields (British Columbia).  As two of Eme's favorite things in the world are ice and buses, this was a good day for her!  We got up early and drove to the Ice Station, and from there took two buses up onto the Athabasca Glacier.  Eme loved picking up ice and throwing it, and It was also really neat to touch the glacier water (Eme) and fill up our water bottles (Dave) and drink the water.  It got a little cold, but was not actually too bad.  On the bus ride to the glacier we had to go down the steepest graded road in North America (18% grade, if we remember correctly).  Our tour guide floored the bus, but as there was a transmission lock on the bus, this translated to approximately 3 miles an hour.  The last picture is Eme's self portrait, as another of her great interests is pushing buttons on anything and everything, including the camera.

Takakawa (sp??) Falls.  This is the largest waterfall in the Canadian Rockies.  Before we took a short hike to the base of the falls, Eme got to walk down to the glacial-fed mountain river and throw stones (another great love: splashes)  She really liked looking at all the rocks and telling us the colors she saw.  It was a good hike; easy enough for Eme to walk.  On the way back, she stopped on the bridge to look at the water with her daddy.

Banff Trip - Monday

Eme goes for a hike in mommy's shoes.  At home, the Crocs are the shoes of choice, but apparently the hiking aura has affected Eme. 

These pictures are at an overlook in Banff National Park.

Banff National Park: hot springs.  We actually got to walk through a small cave before getting to the springs.  Eme looked over the railing at the water but could not touch it as there is some kind of endangered snail living in it.

More Banff: Eme really enjoyed the gondola ride up Sulfur Mountain.  The first & third pictures are taken from the gondola, looking out the windows.  Once we got to the top of the mountain, there was a hike to the actual peak where there was a cosmic ray monitoring station (no joke).  The second picture is of the gondola station taken from the summit, and the last picture is of "E-me's" gondola.  (That's how Eme pronounces "Eme"). 

Big horn sheep crossing in Lake Minnewonka.

Banff Trip - Sunday 

Eme's favorite part of the day!  After a very, very long time in the car (see below!) Eme finally got to go swimming with her daddy.  She got into the pool all by herself; and wanted to stay even after her lips were quivering and teeth chattering.  Canadian weather is not so warm!

Spray Lake in Kananaskis Country, near Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  This is a mountian lake situated, obviously, in the mountains.  More precisely, in the Canadian Rockies.  We took a driving tour and stopped a few times to see various sights and sites.  Eme had great fun touching the water, and also throwing sticks and stones in to make splashes (she also liked saying "splash").  Then she and grandma found a chipmunk scurrying around in the rocks. 

P.S.  Do you like Eme's sunglasses?  She does!

Banff Trip - Saturday

We enlisted Eme's help with moving our luggage into our condo (the Lodges at Canmore).  Eme actually had a fit when anyone else tried to push the luggage; just like she does when she wants to push her stroller by herself.  She actually could move the luggage somewhat.

Plane ride!  Eme earned her wings on her first plane ride ever!  Other passengers commented on how good she was; much to her mommy and daddy's relief.  The Benadryl her doctor told us would induce sleepiness served the opposite purpose...it made her hyper.  But she was overall very well behaved, and even read the safely brochure (2nd picture).  She also had fun coloring, sticking Elmo stickers, reading, and, oh yes, eating.  We had the front seats on the plane and so Eme had some room to move around and did not have to stay on our laps the whole time. 

Fourth of July w/ G&G Boerema

Finally!  The long-awaited 4th of July pictures!  Well, maybe not.  But here they are...Eme had grown accustomed to the sound throughout the day, and so by the time the big show rolled around she enjoyed herself immensely.  She liked to say "boom" with the fireworks. 

Yay, more fun with the water table!  We finally took out the pinto beans that were in it and filled it up with water.  It didn't take long to get completely soaked, but it was lots of fun!  Eme is getting better at pouring from one container to another. 

While not her first popsicle (those were reserved for the bathtub and swimming pool), Eme certainly enjoyed it!  We told her to stick out her tounge and lick it. 

Eme and Norah had another playdate today; and Norah's little sister Clara came over too.  We are trying to convince Eme that her name is indeed "Clara" and not "Baby".  Eme LOVES babies, and while she had a great time playing with Norah, she continued to be quite interested in Clara too.  Doesn't Eme look big next to Clara?