Eme: 6-12 months

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Standing on daddy....yay!!!!

While we were visiting in Michigan, Aunt Faith (aka Auntie Candy b/c she keeps sneaking Eme bites of things mommy and daddy don't let her have) invited us over to use her pool.  Of course Eme loved it, and can't wait to visit again!

Mommy took Eme out into the yard for some pictures before we went to the library story time.  This was the first time Eme actually wore shoes, and so it was a somewhat memorable occasion.  Up to this point, Eme really didn't wear shoes much; kept pulling them off.  Mommy's working on that.  :)

Mommy just can't resist taking pictures!  We thought these turned out particularly well...trust me, it's more the subject matter and less mommy's photography skills.

Still more cute pictures....

These pictures were taken in Pentwater, Michigan.  We go camping every year with mommy's family; this was Eme's second time going (although last year she was still in mommy's tummy).  The first picture is of Eme's first swim in the Big Lake (Lake Michigan to all of you non-Michigainians).  As you can see, she loved it!  The second picture is of Eme drinking from a sippy cup; but she generally opens her mouth like that every time she wants a drink or a bite of food. 

After camping, back and G&G's house in Michigan.  Eme is quite the walker, although not without help, of course.  She really didn't crawl at this point and we thought she might bypass crawling altogether and go straight to walking.  (We were wrong about this.  She did eventually crawl, although always with one leg pulled up under her so she could sit up quickly.)

Sleepy baby! 

Eme loves, *loves*, LOVES the cat. 

Eme also loves to empty out the refrigerator. 

Teething!  Em gnawed on anything she could get her mouth on, including the kitchen chairs.  Daddy called her a little beaver for awhile after he saw this picture. 

After our little water baby had so much fun in Aunt Faith's pool, her little plastic pool, and Lake Michigan, we decided to put her in swim lessons.  She had fun, although she wasn't sure about going underwater. 

Little pumpkin!  We went to a local pumpkin farm to get our pumpkins this year.  Eme had fun in the pumpkin patch, and even more fun riding in the wheelbarrow with the pumpkins. 

 Even though we didn't take Eme trick-or-treating, she had a couple of different opportunities to dress up in her costume.  One chance was at the library lap time; but these pictures were actually taken at Babygarten the Monday before Halloween.  The first picture is during circle time, and the second is during free play.  Eme *always* goes for the handle haulers, and is actually fascinated with cars in general.  The last picture is in the fire engine.  It happened to be at the local elementary school where Babygarten is held, and so the firemen offered to let the babies come out and see the truck too.  You can see what Eme thought of it.  

Girls Weekend in West Lafayette, IN  Mommy, Gramma, Aunt Faith and Aunt Beth (and sometimes Aunt Terri, mommy's sister) go away for a weekend once or twice a year.  The first picture is with Aunt Beth, and Eme loves to wear this hat.  The second picture is of Aunt Faith letting Eme "drive".

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELIA!!!  Eme had about 4 birthday parties.  This is the second, with the Boerema family.  She got birthday balloons from daddy, and she also had her own special birthday mini-cake that she got to eat all my herself!

We also went up to Michigan to celebrate November birthdays (mommy's, Eme's, gramma's, and Justin's).  Although these aren't specifically birthday pictures, they are from that week.  Gramma has a huge, old-fashioned claw foot bathtub that is lots of fun to play in!  And Eme is getting closer and closer to walking...

We decided to combine Eme's 12 month pictures with Christmas this year.  They turned out so cute!