Eme: 16-18 Months

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Our little water baby loves to take baths...and splash anyone who's close enough to get wet! So many more toys fit in the big bathtub!! Eme's favorites are her bathtime books and her rubber ducks.

Thankfully we outgrew this phase...but for awhile THIS was the position Eme got into every time we tried to change a diaper.

Silverware and the dishwasher are so fun! Eme now has her own set and dishwasher basket so her "helping" keeps her out of trouble. She can sort the silverware by color, with just a little bit of help. But it's most fun just to move the silverware from compartment to compartment.

The Babygarten class we go to offers lots of opportunities for community involvement. We got to go to Golden's Gymnastics on Fridays in February and part of March to play. Eme liked the bounce house slide, but the hula hoops were her favorite. So much so that she got some as part of her Easter basket from mommy and daddy!

When Grandma was here, we took her to the Exploration Station, which is the local children's museum. It's free on Tuesdays, so we spend lots of Tuesday afternoons there! We can't wait until it gets warmer out so we can go the the outside petting zoo. This is the art table; Eme's found out that markers are lots of fun to play with...but she already has strong preferences about what color she wants to use! The water table is so fun! Plus, Eme gets to play with her favorite shapes...circles... Almost a professional shopper in the grocery section of the Exploration Station.

A weekend in April we went to an indoor water park with some of the other families from church. Eme loves the water and was not afraid of anything, even going under the waterfall with daddy. It was hard to get any of the kids to sit still long enough for a picture, but we tried! This is Chloe, Chase, and Eme playing in the baby pool. But the best part of the whole trip was the big yellow slide, which Eme went on "nen" and "nen" and "nen" with daddy.

mmmm...corn! Eme tries corn on the cob for the first time...it was a big hit!

Eme's first real hair cut! OK, so it's really her second (ok, third) but mommy didn't have a camera for the first cut, and we did the second one ourselves at home. We heard about Jennifer from another mommy, and so we tried it out. Everything went really well, Eme sat very still and didn't cry at all. At the end, Jennifer even let Eme touch the computer screen so we could pay (even though you can't see that in the picture).

Today was the first day that it got about 70 here in Illinois, so we went outside to play! Eme had lots of fun with her hula hoops, and also with her big purple ball from Aunt Terri. It was so nice out that Eme got to practice her new skill...taking off her coat all by herself!

Eme's newest favorite pastime is going for bike rides in her trailer. She loves to look for bikes, especially in books.

Picture #1: Pigtails!

Picture #2: Eme is very good at helping us. Here she's getting yogurt out of the fridge for her snack. She also gets out and puts away the peanut butter for her lunch every day.

Our Babygarten class sponsored a swim and gym night at the local YMCA. The night started with in the "gym" where the kids could climb and play on the soft toys for an hour. For the second hour, the kids got to go in the family pool (with a parent). Eme went swimming with her daddy and remembered lots of things from swim lessons last fall! We are thinking about enrolling her in lessons again because she enjoyed them so much.

Merry Christmas Eme!  Eme got a gift card to Toys R Us for Christmas.  The directions from Grandma were that it was to be used for a summer toy since Eme's birthday and Christmas come in the middle of winter.  Eme had seen bikes at Target and was *soooooooo* excited about them that we decided to get her a bike.  This one is not pink and purple (like the one at Target) but it does have tassels on the handle bars and a trunk to hold stuff in the back.  We're working on pedaling....and every time we go into the garage Eme is so excited to see her very own bike!

mmmmm...chocolate chip cookie!  Eme woke up from her nap before I finished the cookies I was making, so I had to give her one.  She loved it, of course, and for those of you who don't know baby signs, she is asking for "more".  She knows lots of signs by now, and is also talking like crazy.  She also knows colors and can count to three (we think she can count to five, but only understand the spoken 1-3).  Her current favorite color is purple, but she likes to say "yed" and "ye-yo" the best. 

Eme was in the worst mood the day I took these pictures!  Soooo fussy and whiny...until...she found the magic box!   She played with it for at least an hour, getting in and out, then putting Baby in and out, trying to put the lid on....

These are just a few of the pictures we had taken for Eme's 18 month half-birthday.  We think they turned out really cute, but considering the subject matter, maybe that's not so hard!  :)

More fun in a box...

The last day of Babygarten was warm enough that we got to play outside.  Here's Eme drawing with sidewalk chalk and "painting" with water on the ground.  It was really fun; but we're going to miss our friends until next year!

We filled half of Eme's sand and water table with pinto beans, which have just enthralled Eme.  The beans are a little to big to fit through the sieve and other funnel attachments, but Eme likes to fill up the funnels and then empty them back into the table.  Such fun...

Someone put little flags in the yards of everyone in our neighborhood.  I wanted a picture of Eme holding it in her Memorial Day dress, but she was not interested...I finally got her to hold it by asking her to bring it to Daddy so he could see it. 

More Memorial weekend pics...Eme wanted to take Baby for a walk, and so had to make sure that Baby was secure in the stroller.  And had to recheck about every 10 feet...

Here's Baby, feeling the bark on the tree.  This was not prompted by mommy...but we have had Eme feel different things when we're outside and apparently Eme thinks that Baby should have the experience of feeling a tree trunk too.  This was a very long walk...yet we only made it two houses down from ours... And one more picture of the sand & water & bean table.  She LOVES it!  Until we have to close it because beans are being thrown everywhere. 

Thank you to Aunt Barbara for Eme's cute sunsuit!  On this beautiful, sunny day Eme was "helping" daddy in the yard (but the lawnmower works better for Eme on the sidewalk).

MMMM...lasagna!  I tried a new recipe I  had, and Eme apparently really, really likes lasagna.  She insisted on using the "big" fork herself, and dinner ended up everywhere, even in Eme's hair.  But it was delicious!

Eme refuses to sit on her new Sesame Street potty seat, but Elmo was happy to try it out for her.  A couple of weeks later, she still wants nothing to do with it...which is fine, we really just want her to get used to seeing it.  She did sit on it on the toilet once for daddy, but only with the lid down.  On the other hand, Eme LOVES her new pink chair (a great garage sale find for only $1!) and will even read in it by herself.

Eme's friend Norah came over for a playdate.  They had a lot of fun; but eating outside was probably the biggest hit for both girls.  Norah is about 6 months older than Eme, and while the girls don't exactly play together, they play near each other and seem to keep the other one entertained.