Eme: 12-15 Months

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mmmmm..I love to eat! Many people comment on how well (or how MUCH) Eme eats....last trip to the doctor (15 months), Eme was in the 70th percentile for height, but only the 30th for weight. So she can continue eating....and eating....and eating...

Eme and Grampa are hangin' out. "Bumpa" (Grampa) was one of Eme's first words, much to the chagrin of Eme's grammas. Eme talks about Bumpa constantly.


Eme and the kitty have a love/hate relationship....Eme loves, the cat hates. Or at best tolerates. As you can see, Eme likes to put her head or face on the cat, or pull it's tail (or pull its "rowf" in Eme language). How rowf=tail, we're not really sure.

Eme with Grampa B at Auntie Laura's wedding.

Eme and Auntie Laura posed for lots of pictures! Eme can say "Uncle Luke" (her new uncle) but has yet to say "Aunt Laura".

Our family, all dressed up! All three of us got to be in the wedding.

Gramma F came to the wedding too, in case Eme needed emergency removal service. Eme was actually very very good all day (despite not having any nap!) but she did have to leave the wedding because she was talking too much.

Little thumb-sucker. Actually, contrary to this picture, Eme only sucks her thumb when she's falling asleep or has Bunny (her comfort item). Bunny is getting a little yucky, even with all of his "baths" in the wash machine...

More hanging out with the bride.

Daddy, Eme and Mommy before the wedding started.

At the reception at the Barn of Barrington.

Daddy and Eme smiling for yet another picture.

Yay! Christmas time! We went to cut our own live Christmas tree this year for the first time ever! It was cold, but we did find the perfect tree! The owner of the tree farm found a clean piece of burlap for Em to sit on in the big wagon so we didn't have to carry her the whole time. As you can see, Eme had a great time riding while mommy and daddy slogged through the snow!

Mommy pulls Eme through seemingly endless rows of trees.

Wow! Eme doesn't know what's better: pulling the presents out of the stockings, or wearing them. Daddy helped with this Christmas fashion, completely appropriate for Christmas morning.

Christmas in Michigan was so fun this year. When it wasn't Eme's turn to open a present she got to play with Gramma...

...or help Aunt Terri open HER presents. The bows and wrapping paper were the best part of the presents anyway.

At the Exploration Station, the local children's museum. In nice weather, it's within walking distance of our house, if we take the walking trails. Since it was January for this trip, we drove! Eme especially likes the water table and generally heads right for it when we get to the museum.

OK, so the kid refuses to brush her teeth at home, but the second we get to the dentist's office in the Exploration Station the toothbrush goes right in. Don't worry, I snapped the picture as fast as I could, then made her take the toothbrush out of her mouth...who knows how many other kids have done the same thing!

Mommy made the mistake of setting up Eme's water table at home. She liked the one at the ES so well, I thought it'd be fun to do at home too! It was, 'til we had to wipe everything up. Eme herself was soaked through from shoulders to toes. We decided this will be a GREAT outdoor toy this summer. But chewing on the tools was fun too. Hey, does anyone from Mommy's family think Eme looks like mommy's cousin Heidi in this picture? It must be the eyes...

Eme had so much fun playing at Golden's Gymnastics. We got to go here on Fridays in February and part of March with our friends from Babygarten. The owners put out a whole bunch of soft toys for the kids to climb and play on, and they could do anything they wanted! Sooooo cool!!!

We found out that Barnes and Noble has a story time on Friday nights.  This is Eme and her daddy listening (kind of) to the story.  On this particular night it was Elmo's birthday so the kids got to color a picture of a birthday cake, have a snack, and they got a balloon to take home! 

Eme cuddles with the baby doll she got for Valentines Day.  Gramma F bought her a little stroller the next time she came to visit and Eme loves to push Baby around in it and feed her a bottle.  We can't figure that out, as Eme never really had a bottle.