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Two years old!  Old enough to blow out candles, or at least put forth a valiant effort!

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Some of you have also been asking about my job.  It's been really great so far!  I am working from 12:00-3:45 everyday (which is great because I still get to see Eme in the morning, and she eats and naps while at her babysitters' houses).  I pull different groups of students from their classrooms and work with them on different aspects of reading.  All of the kids in each group are in the same grade (except for a 5th/6th grade group), and I have students from KG to 6th grade.   I do all different kinds of things with each group, from playing games (although I've told all my groups that I'm "mean" and we NEVER do anything fun in reading...I have a few KGs who still kind of believe me!) to phonics lessons to Readers Theatre to using books on tape.   The materials I use depend on the group and what their needs are.  I see each group of 6 or 7 students for a half hour each day.  The really good part is that because I'm only part time, I don't have to do faculty meetings, parent teacher conferences, or any of that kind of "stuff".  So, last week when there were parent teacher conferences, I got the day off!  The school also has two early release days each month when the teachers have to attend different meetings, but again I just get to go home early.  I also have found that planning is not a problem (even though I don't have prep time as a part-time teacher) because groups sometimes don't make it (because of field trips, assemblies, Friday afternoon celebrations, etc) and I can use that time to plan, plus the early release days if I want to (and I still get paid) :)  All in all, I do like it alot, even though I find it somewhat scary how poorly some of these students read.  These are the people who will be voting in just a few years! 

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