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Organization Overview

Organization Overview

  Fiscal Planning Bureau  

1        Conduct fiscal policy research and planning

2        Develop fiscal and budgeting frameworks, indicative annual and multi-year budget ceilings and forward estimates, and sectoral composition of expenditures in coordination with other oversight agencies  

3        Formulate, monitor, and evaluate budget programs in the context of macro-economic and fiscal targets including the formulation and monitoring of the annual and quarterly whole-of-government allotment and cash release programs  

4        Conduct studies and analyses of expenditure trends and policies in the different government sectors for effective inter-sectoral resource allocation decisions  

5        Monitor macro-economic developments and their impact on the budget

6        Develop, administer, and maintain the forward estimate system in coordination with the BMBs and DBM units  

7        Prepare position papers/recommendations on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with fiscal policy implications  

8        Provide technical and secretariat services to the DBCC and its Technical Board  

 Systems and Productivity Improvement Bureau

1        Develop better management practices to enhance productivity such as work simplification, cost reduction and other related measures  

2        Develop better management practices to reduce red tape and corruption in partnership with other agencies concerned  

3        Formulate measures on internal control to ensure accuracy, integrity, and reliability of financial and management systems in government  

4        Study and recommend appropriate systems and structures to improve the management of government assets in coordination/consultation with the Privatization Committee and other relevant agencies and ensure its implementation including the establishment of an interoperable registry of government assets  

5        Undertake periodic monitoring and review of the effectiveness of the management systems and structures of agencies and recommend improvements if necessary  

6        Prepare recommendations/position papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with impact on systems improvement and productivity in government

 Organization, Position Classification and Compensation Bureau

1        Administer and maintain a unified compensation and position classification system including performance-based benefits for NGAs, GOCCs and LGUs in coordination with CSC  

2        Develop policies and guidelines on organization and staffing for NGAs and GOCCs

3        Prepare policies and budgetary guidelines on Personal Services and associated expenditures  

4        Monitor government manpower levels and maintain a comprehensive data bank on government positions and manpower, through the GMIS, including administering the same to link with the HRMIS of CSC and other related data bases and assuring the integrity of the database

5        Evaluate agency requests for major changes in organization, staffing, compensation and position classification

6        Undertake/commission periodic reviews of the effectiveness of the application of organizational policies and guidelines by agencies, and recommend improvements thereon

7        Pursue the deregulation of input controls in organization, staffing and compensation management parallel with the shift towards output/results-based orientation of agencies

8        Work closely with the Civil Service Commission in formulating and implementing a performance based compensation and incentive systems

9        Prepare recommendations/position papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with policy and government-wide implication on organization, staffing, compensation and position classification

Budget and Management Bureau A, B, C, D, and E


1        Undertake operational and sectoral policy reviews in collaboration/consultation with client agencies to ensure  quality and appropriate medium-term levels of expenditures and intra-sectoral budget allocation decisions

2        Recommend budget and management policy improvements based on in-depth evaluation of agency programs and projects and overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness  

3        Provide inputs to budget operations guidelines applicable to their respective agency/ fund coverage

4        Prepare recommendations/position papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with funding implications and specific agency issues on organization, compensation and position classification

5        Evaluate/validate the appraisal of new projects/policies proposed by agencies and recommend appropriate ERB action in relation to their inclusion in the agency FEs/MTEFs  

6        Update/maintain a DBM-managed agency FEs/MTEFs as a budget planning and management decision tool

7        Ensure the mainstreaming of medium-term and results-based budgeting (MTEF and OPIF) and performance management reforms  in NGAs consistent with the PEM framework

8        Provide technical assistance and advice to client agencies and authorities/decision makers on all aspects of public resource and expenditure management

9        Plan and undertake agency budget preparation activities in coordination/consultation with other DBM units and oversight and client agencies

10    Evaluate agency requests for minor changes in organization, staffing, compensation and position classification and administer the GMIS of agencies  

11  Evaluate funding requirements of agencies and prepare/issue corresponding release documents

12  Administer lump sum funds/special purpose funds

13 Monitor and evaluate  financial and physical performance of agencies in the context of the OPIF to provide a    basis for sound policy and budgeting decisions

14 Evaluate agency program  and  project performance and overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness vis-à-vis development goals/targets/priorities in the context of the MTEF and OPIF  


Budget and Management Bureau F


1        Conduct studies on budget policies, standards on organization/staffing and compensation systems for the government corporate sector in coordination/ consultation with OPCCB and SPIB and other oversight agencies to ensure a comprehensive financial and operational services which will enhance management and oversight of GOCCs  

2        Prepare recommendations/position papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with funding and organizational management implications affecting GOCCs

3        Plan and undertake budget preparation activities for GOCCs in coordination with relevant DBM units, government agencies and inter-agency groups  

4        Evaluate organizational and staffing modifications and compensation and position classification requirements of GOCCs

5        Provide advice on the management of assets of GOCCs based on the framework as may be formulated by SPIB  

6        Evaluate the annual corporate operating budgets of GOCCs and prepare recommendations thereon  

7        Administer lump sum funds/special purpose funds under its coverage and issue fund release documents  

8        Facilitate the implementation of medium-term and results-based budgeting and performance management of GOCCs consistent with the PEM framework in coordination with concerned oversight agencies, especially in subsidized GOCCs

9        Conduct comprehensive review and regular/continuing monitoring of GOCCs and their performance and recommend appropriate dispositive actions and funding/organizational measures/interventions in coordination with oversight agencies concerned  


 Budget and Management Bureau G


1        Review budget and expenditure policies and systems for LGUs and congressional fund management, in coordination/consultation with the ROs, FPB and OPCCB, and in partnership with relevant agencies, oversight agencies and stakeholders, to improve accountability and transparency in LGU financial operations

2        Prepare recommendations/positions papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances on issues affecting LGUs and congressional fund management  

3        Undertake budget preparation activities for administered lump sum funds/Special Purpose Funds (SPFs)

4        Provide technical assistance and advice to client agencies and LGUs relative to lump sum funds/SPFs being administered  

5        Administer lump sum funds/special purpose funds under its coverage including the PDAF, IRA and special shares of LGUs in the proceeds of national taxes, and issue fund release documents therefor  

6        Assist the Undersecretary/Assistant Secretary responsible for LGU budget and expenditure policies and RO supervision in managing the provision of technical assistance/advisory services by the ROs to LGUs on matters pertaining to public resource and expenditure management  

Regional Offices


1        Provide policy advisory and support services to the DBM Central Office, RDCs and other regional policy-making bodies to promote sound fiscal management and PEM reforms  

2        Plan and undertake budget preparation and execution activities for SUCs and decentralized  agency coverages   

3        Review the budgets of provinces, highly urbanized cities, independent component cities, and Metro Manila municipalities to ensure compliance with the Local Government Code

4        Administer/manage the GMIS of SUCs and decentralized agency coverages

5        Provide advisory and technical assistance and support services to LGUs, SUCs, and decentralized agency coverages and advocate the implementation of PEM and procurement reform in the regions  

6        Evaluate organizational and staffing modifications and compensation and position classification requirements of LWDs  

7        Provide funding authorizations to SUCs, LGUs and decentralized agencies

8        Monitor and evaluate the performance of SUCs and decentralized agency coverages in relation to regional development goals and targets set by the RDCs, and the sectoral and OPIF targets set by national departments

9        Monitor the financial and budget performance of LGUs to ensure compliance with the LGC, and with budgeting and procurement laws and policies  

10    Provide inputs to the DBM Central Office on the status of major programs and projects of SUCs, decentralized national government agencies and LGUs in the regions


Budget Technical Service


1        Formulate standards and operating guidelines of general application for budget execution and accounting of budget performance, in coordination with the BMBs and the ROs

2        Act as clearing house for operational guidelines and standards formulated by BMBs for NGAs  

3        Coordinate the periodic review of budget preparation and execution processes

4        Recommend policies for the effective and efficient management of expenditures

5        Provide technical and other support services during budget preparation including the production of budget documents

6        Review existing computerized budgeting systems and recommend improvements/ enhancements thereto in coordination with the BMBs and the ICTSS

7        Undertake budget programming activities at the agency level  

8        Supervise the operation of the CPRU relative to the official release of budget authorization and related documents

9        Undertake consolidated tracking, analysis and audit of budget releases and realignments

10    Consolidate and prepare an overall analysis of expenditures and outputs as evaluated by the BMBs and ROs, in relation to reports on government obligations, disbursements, and performance targets under OPIF

11    Serve as fund administrator of multi-user SPFs/LSFs

Corporate Planning and Reforms Service


1    Support the SOC in embedding a strategic planning and accountability culture by setting up related systems and processes within DBM  

2    Formulate  strategic  and business planning guidelines to aid  the formulation, review/assessment, and revision/updating of the DBM Corporate Plan and the annual Business Plan  

3    Serve as technical secretariat to the Directorate and SOC  

4   Implement and embed OPIF within DBM including the development of annual performance indicators and targets in coordination with the different organizational units  

5    Develop and implement a quarterly performance reporting system to the SOC.

6   Monitor and evaluate/assess the performance of the different units under the Corporate/ Business Plan  

7   Provide TIS with information on the performance of the different units based on the OPIF as inputs in the preparation of the DBM Annual Report. 

8   Assist the lead DBM Bureaus/implementing units in managing  the reforms being developed, implemented, and mainstreamed by DBM  as well as in providingstrategic thinking, mobilizing technical support from donors, and advocating them to agencies  

9   Partner with relevant DBM units, funding and donor agencies, external and in-house experts/consultants, and recipient implementing agencies in the conceptualization, formulation and preparation of projects to be financed/supported by loans, grants and TAs with DBM as the Executing Agency  

10 Provide technical support needed by relevant DBM units and or recipient implementing agencies in the execution and implementation of said loans, grants and TAs including procurement and pro-active project facilitation assistance to ensure the efficient and successful implementation of said projects

11  Monitor  the execution and implementation of said projects and submit required reports  to management.


Training and Information Service


1        Develop and implement internal and external communications strategies and programs to support DBM reforms and other strategic objectives

2        Prepare and publish reports, briefs and papers on budget, organization and management matters

3        Provide editorial and quality control services relative to DBM materials for publication

4        Prepare the DBM annual report from inputs provided by the CPRS and other DBM offices

5        Manage day-to-day information provision, including acting as clearing house for the release of information on the DBM website

6        Develop and undertake external training programs including briefings for departments/agencies, visitors and special publics, in coordination with bureaus concerned, and provide assistance to the AS, as may be needed, in the conduct of internal training

7        Monitor and document DBM activities and prepare news articles on the same for press release/publication in the DBM newsletter and other media outlets

Information and Communications Technology Systems Service


1        Develop, update, maintain and implement a DBM Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) in coordination with CPRS and the different bureaus and units  

2        Assist the pursuit of efficient, effective, and transparent governance through the proper management of budget-related IT systems

3        Enhance and maintain internal ICT business systems and facilities toward the improvement of public expenditure management

4        Increase DBM employee efficiency and productivity through the proper maintenance of computer hardware, software, and network connectivity  

5        Develop and regularly review DBM policies on ICT system use to ensure the efficiency and security of data and communications flow  

6        Formulate and implement ICT-related projects for DBM and in conjunction with DBM users and relevant government agencies

7        Enhance DBM internal ICT capability through human resource training and adoption of appropriate technology

8        Maintain DBM online presence through a website and, in coordination with TIS, promote it as the official DBM information portal

 Legal Service

1        Provide advice on the legal implications of policies and opinions on laws relative to budgeting, compensation and management matters

2        Handle DBM cases  

3        Develop, in partnership with concerned units, DBM-proposed legislative measures, including general and special provisions of the NEP and the President’s Veto Message and fiscal and expenditure reforms   

4        Provide legal support to the DBM Bids and Awards Committee and DBM Disciplinary Action Committee

5        Review DBM contracts and give legal advice thereon

 Prepare recommendations/position papers on legislative proposals/bills and planned executive issuances with constitutional or legal implications


Financial and Management Service


1        Prepare the annual DBM Budget consistent with the Budget Call and the DBM Corporate and Business Plans in coordination with the CPRS and in consultation with the various organizational units  

2        Participate in business planning activities and, together with the different organizational units, formulate their final budget allocations based on the approved annual DBM Budget

3        Prepare, implement and embed the MTEF including a Multi-Year Capital Expenditure Program and a forward estimates system in DBM operations, in coordination with CPRS and the different units

4        Implement a financial management system to provide internal controls on sources of financing and expenditures including the implementation of improved management systems  

5        Initiate the review of internal DBM operations and, in coordination with the different DBM units, formulate plans and programs for organization, management/systems improvement and enhanced internal control

6        Undertake the reconciliation of the DBM’s physical inventories of supplies, plant, property and equipment with the book of accounts

7        Formulate and implement an effective financial monitoring system in order to provide DBM management and the different organizational units with periodic financial reports

8        Ensure the timely, responsive and efficient use of authorized funds

9        Undertake financial management functions to administer loans, grants and TAs including fund disbursement management as may be assigned to DBM by pertinent project agreements

 Administrative Service


1        Ensure efficient and effective procurement of goods and services for DBM Central Offices including the development of systems in compliance with RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act)

2        Devise, implement and maintain an asset management system including a clear and up-to-date asset registry/ data base/information system for the purpose  

3        Manage and ensure the adequate provision of facilities, utilities and vehicles  

4        Provide technical and administrative secretariat services to the Promotion and Selection Board, Disciplinary Action Committee, Bids and Awards Committee, Disposal Committee, Grievance Committee, Corruption Prevention Committee and the Training and Development Management Committee  

5        Implement HRM policies and procedures within the framework of CSC/OMB/DBM rules and regulations, including the performance appraisal system  

6        Formulate HRD policies, plans and programs including the design, implementation and administration of internal training programs  

7        Administer the DBM Manpower Management Information System

8        Administer an effective and efficient DBM-wide records management system and internal tracking system  

9        Ensure the automation of internal administrative processes in coordination with ICTSS

10    Exercise collection and custodial function on cash, checks and other forms of income including payments for authorized disbursements

 Internal Audit Service  


1        Advise the DBM Secretary on matters relating to management control and operations audit  

2        Conduct management and operations performance audit of DBM activities and organizational units and determine the degree of compliance with their mandate, policies, government regulations, established objectives, systems and procedures/ processes and contractual obligations  

3        Review and appraise systems and procedures/processes, organizational structure, asset management practices, financial and management records, reports and performance standards of the agencies/units covered  

4        Analyze and evaluate management deficiencies and assist top management by recommending realistic courses of action  

 Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the DBM Secretary or as may be required by law

Department Legislative Liaison Office

(Under the Office of the Secretary)


1        Assist in the maintenance of harmonious relations between DBM and Congress

2        Provide DBM presence in Congress and serve as the principal channel of communications between DBM and Congress

3        Prepare and assist in the implementation of Congressional advocacy strategies for budget and expenditure reforms and other critical DBM programs and projects and tactical and strategic plans for blocking bills or specific provisions of bills that are grossly against DBM policies

4        Shepherd the enactment of the NEP/President’s Budget, supplemental budget proposals and DBM legislative agenda into law  

5        Monitor the bills filed in Congress that have budgetary, organizational and compensation implications, and refer these to the appropriate bureaus/offices for preparation of comments or position papers

6        Coordinate the  preparation and submission of the DBM position on these bills/legislative measures to Congress


Regional Coordination Unit

(Under the Office of the Undersecretary) 


1        Assist in coordinating the activities of the ROs and in ensuring consistency in their implementation of budget and management policies

          2             Facilitate the resolution of issues raised by the ROs with pertinent  bureaus and services