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The Role of the District Board of Ministerial Development (D.B.M.D.)

            The D.B.M.D. serves two purposes in the lives of those who wish to pursue ordained ministry within the context of the Wesleyan Church. The D.B.M.D. serves the purpose of credentialing candidates. Its duty is to examine candidates to see whether or not they have the gifting and social skills and Christian character and calling and the grace that it takes to be a vocational minister. We also ensure that the candidate has met the educational standards of the Wesleyan Church. We believe that all Christians are equal at the foot of the cross, but not all Christians should be vocational leaders within the church.

            The second purpose of the D.B.M.D. is to coach candidates in their development as leaders. We expect that people pursuing ordained leadership in the Wesleyan Church will be able to find their own resources and support systems and mentors in order to facilitate their leadership development. We believe these things are crucial.  By checking in with each candidate yearly, we ensure that this is happening. If for some reason this is not happening, the D.B.M.D. will point the candidate in a helpful direction, or in special circumstances take on the mentoring and resourcing of the person itself.