What is ImageUploader?
It's a tiny but very useful software to resize and upload a bunch of JPG-files to a Google Picasa Web Album. It´s perfectly suitable for travellers in countries with slow Internet connections. The idea behind this software is the following: A full-sized JPG files on a digital cameras with (let´s say) 3 MB has only 300 KB if it is resized to 70% of its original size, but has (nearly) the same quality. So Internet-backups can be made 10-times as fast.

(Java Web Start)

How does it work?
  • Plug your SD-Card into a card reader
  • Choose the directory on the SD-Card that contains the images
  • Type the name of the Album into which the images should be uploaded
  • Enter your Google username and password
  • Adjust the resize factor (which is a value from 1 to 100 percent)
  • Click on "Upload"
    • If the album does not exist, you´re asked if you want to create it
    • Otherwise the software checks, which images you have already uploaded and compares it with the files from your chosen directory (this is done on a basis of file names). Each file, which exists locally, but was not yet uploaded, will be resized to the given size (which you can adjust with the slider) and uploaded.
  • Wait until it's done
    • If you don't want to wait, you can close the application any time - the images uploaded so far will remain in the Picasa Web Album and you can continue uploading another time.
The software was tailored to my purposes (see background), but I would be glad if you can make use of it!

What else do I have to consider?
  • Google Picasa Web Albums are limited to 1GB
  • Images from the selected directory are not imported recursively
  • Only the JPG format is supported so far
  • The software creates a directory called "tmp" in the selected directory. Here it temporarily creates the resized version which is uploaded.
  • The "override"-option is useful if you have uploaded images with a wrong resize factor. If it is checked, the corresponding images from the Web album are deleted prior to uploading them once again.
Is this software "safe"?
I guarantee that the user and/or the password from your Google account is NOT stored or forwarded anywhere else than the Google services themselves.
I promise that I have developed the software with great care, but I don't guarantee that it contains bugs and does not work as it should.