I wrote this software in preparation for a long private journey to Latin America. My main thoughts were:
  • I'm gonna take a lot of fotos, and wanna have them backed up
  • But I don't want to burn CDs all the time (by the way, CD can be lost as well)
  • Internet in Bolivia, Peru, etc. might be slow
My first idea was to backup on a Google Picasa Web Album - but there does not exist a portable version of Picasa (the client), which lets me resize the photos before uploading them (and I don't want to install Picasa in each Internet café (which would be impossible if I had no administrator's rights)). So I decided to create my own software, which simply resizes a bunch of fotos and uploads them to my Picasa account - a portable 1-click-solution.

I know...
that this software is far away from perfect, but I think it´s a cool combination of different technologies (and apart from that it really didn't take me a long time to write it).

As I said, it´s tailored to my purposes, but I can give you the source-code if you like so that you can adjust it to your purposes.
Just mail me at bodner.dan [at]