DataBase of Infant functional NearInfraRed Spectroscopy Studies

What is DBIfNIRS?
Infant fNIRS research is growing rapidly, but there is still considerable uncertainty as to which methodological parameters lead to stable and reliable results. DBIfNIRS is a community-augmented database of completed infant fNIRS studies. It was created with the specific goal of pooling information on the performance of specific methodological choices so that both newcomers to the technique and experienced fNIRS users may be able to draw empirical generalizations that can inform their own research.

APA-style citation for this website:
Cristia, A.  (2012). DFIfNIRS. Last visited November 25, 2012.

APA-style citation for the foundational article:
Cristia, A., Dupoux, E., Hakuno, Y., Lloyd-Fox, S., Schuetze, M., Kivits, J., Bergvelt, T., van Gelder, M., Filippin, M., Charron, S., and Minagawa-Kawai, Y. (2013). An online database of infant functional Near InfraRed Spectroscopy studies: A community-augmented systematic review. PLoS One, 8(3): e58906. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058906. link

Learn more about the database
Click here to download a manuscript describing the database (zipped folder contains manuscript, figures, the version of DBIfNIRS used for the analyses, the R scripts used for the analyses and figure creation).

Get the database
Click the following links to download the most recent version of the database: in txt, csv, html format.
Load the most recent version directly into R:
db <- read.csv(textConnection(getURL("")))

You can also take a peek at the new version, which will contain methodological information (about half have been coded) and effect sizes (only a handful already available): txt, csv, html

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Contribute to the database
Click here to enter new studies to the database online.
NEW! Click here to download an excel file where you can enter your study offline for your supplementary materials. Don't forget to email it to us when your paper is accepted!
Please remember to visit the associated blog to read user comments.

Get involved!
We are now accepting nominations from students to be database supervisors. This two-year commitment (one year as trainee, one year as main manager) would give you unprecedented insight into the state of the art in infant fNIRS, visibility, and a unique chance to network. Email alecristia for more information (don't forget to add the @ in the relevant space).

Questions, comments, suggestions
We favor public discussions, so please consider first posting in the associated blog. You can also contact the current database supervisors: alecristia and manuela.schuetze (@ instead of spaces).