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DBHS Indoor Show

Daniel Boone HS Indoor Percussion Show
Saturday March 1st, 2014

Admission: $10 / Adults, $8 / Students
Doors Open: 5:00pm

Thanks for attending this year's show! We are looking forward to your performance, and hope that this will be a memorable experience for your students. 

If there's anything that I can help you with, please contact me via phone: 610-582-6100 x2390 or email:  

Directions:   501 Chestnut Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508.      
  • All traffic should enter the high school complex from Route 345/Chestnut Street.
  • Upon entering the HS complex, all spectator traffic will make their first right for parking.
  • Buses & equipment vehicles will continue along the front of the school and park at the far end of the building.  
  • Upon check-in, you will receive the latest copy of the timing schedule.  A student guide will show you to your classroom.
  • We will have volunteers to guide you through the rotation and to answer questions, however it is your responsibility to follow the timing schedule.
Unit Registration:  EXTERIOR MAP       
  • Located along the front of the building.  Buses and equipment vehicles will then travel to the far end far end of the building for parking.
  • Each group will have a classroom for storing their belongings.
  • All adults entering with your group must be wearing the official MAPS badge. Any adults beyond the (10) allotted will be charged admission.
  • It is the director's responsibility to monitor their students in the classrooms and hallways. Damage to any items will be billed directly to your school district/organization.
Props & Equipment: 
  • Large props can be stored in a holding area that is accessible on your way to the performance gym.
  • Please refer to the WGI rulebook in regards to props, proper coverage of exposed areas, etc.
Warmup Facilities:
  • Units WILL Be allowed to warmup in the hallways, provided that you do not block access for people to move through. Please be considerate.
  • Percussion units will have a 10 minute warmup time in a full gym. 
  • We have an extra 10 minutes in a staging area for you prior to the performance due to the routing of groups through the school.  This includes a 50 foot pathway directly outside the gymnasium.  Plan accordingly with footwear. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, an alternate plan will be in place to a) put up a canopy or b) route groups through the school in a different direction. This will be a day of decision, and you will be notified via email the morning of the show.
Gym Entrance/Exit: 
  • The available floor space is 60' X 90'.
  • All units will enter the gym floor from the front left and exit the floor to the back left. 
    • All units will exit the gym to the back left. This format is much different than most MAPS events. Please fold mats properly. 
  • Each group will be allowed to use the entire FRONT quadrant upon entering the floor prior to the total show time starting. At the completion of the performance all equipment and personnel must be BEHIND the horizontal center line and "total show" timing will stop. 
  • The timing and penalties judge will facilitate this process. 
  • Should you have any questions or concerns, DO NOT wait until the day of the show. Contact MAPS (Tom Kelly 215-840-0816) or Justin McAdams (610 582 6100 x2390).
  • Be sure all equipment is taped and all wheels are functioning properly. Do not drag timpani across the performance area. Units are responsible for floor damage. The show sponsor reserves the right to not allow a group to perform if equipment is not functioning properly.
  • Exit after your performance is to the outside.  
    • Trucks may park in the back of the gym area to facilitate loading equipment OR
    • You may return back through the school.

Awards Ceremony:
  • Unit reps should meet in the hallway at the conclusion of the event.  
  • Will be held in the hospitality room outside the cafeteria.   
  • We will have a wide array of concessions and *-grams for your convenience in the cafeteria - just down the hall from the gymnasium. 
  • Feel free to use the observation track for a high-angle of your group's performance.   Taping of any group other than your own is not allowed.

Justin McAdams,
Feb 20, 2014, 8:40 AM