Winter Guard

  • We are looking for help with a variety of items throughout the season from the parent side.   A large part of the success of the organization does depend on your involvement!
  • Below is a list of items that we know we will need help with.  
    • Flag Construction: Includes cutting of pieces, sewing, etc.  
      • No experience necessary - we can teach you everything you need to know!
    • Event Chaperones: 1-2 parents per show.   
      • Responsibilities include riding with the group to/from shows, assisting with hair/makeup prior to the show, and helping get equipment on/off the floor.   
      • Can be a "mom" or a "dad"!
    • Home Show Assistance:
      • We run our annual home show on April 6th, 2013.  On average, we have 40-50 groups all performing at DBHS that day.   
      • Assistance will be needed in ALL aspects of the production!
    • Wildwood:
      • TBA
    • A "Guard Parent Coordinator".  
      • Someone that can help coordinate all of the above with the director.
    • Any parents who are interested in working with the color guard this year will have to take care of volunteer clearances through the district, if you have not already done so.  This is a 5 minute process that is done at the district office.

  • The District Activity Fee for the Winter Guard is due by the end of the day on TBA to the Athletic Office.
    • $75 if you already participated in the marching band or a fall sport, $150 if this is your first activity.
    • This form must be submitted along with your payment.
    • There is a $500 cap per family on this fee - contact the Athletic Office directly if you have questions on this.
  • The payment timeline for the rest of the season is as follows:
  • What do the Fees Go To?
    • This will cover the uniform, a portion of the design costs, and the championship to Wildwood at the end of the season.  
    • If a student needs gloves, unitards, shoes, etc - that will be an additional expense.
Winter Guard Program History

2013 - TBA
2012 - "Beneath the Night Sky" - TIA A Class Semifinalist
2011 - "Footprints in the Sand" - TIA A Class Finalist, Chapter 2 Co-Champions
2010 - "Waterworks" - TIA A Class Finalist
2009 - "Somebody to Love" - TIA A Class Finalist, Chapter 2 Champions, WGI Power Regional Finalist
2008 - "Ellis Island" - TIA Intermediate A Champions, Chapter 2 Champions
2007 - "Both Sides Now", Joni Mitchell - Intermediate A Semi-Finalist
2006 - "Mr. Roboto", Styx - TIA Novice Class Finalists, Chapter 2 Champions
2005 - "It's Oh So Quiet", Bjork