Project 3 - Intro to MIDI Recording

Objective: You will be recording MIDI tracks on top of the bass line to Pachelbel's Canon.

1.  Copy "Pachel Project Starter.mx5" from the Apps/Music Tech/ directory to your flash drive, and open it in Mixcraft.

2.  Playback - recognize the bass line?

3.  Turn on the metronome - ( Mix > Metronome, or click the metronome icon on the middle of the playback bar)

4.  Select the bass line loop, and the the "Sound" tab at the bottom.   
- You can view the data in different ways - as a piano roll or traditional notation.  

5.  Add a new instrument track: Track > Insert Track > Virtual Instrument Track.  Choose a sound for it by pressing the Piano icon.

6.  We are going to record a new melodic layer from measures 9-16.   This melody will be ONLY in half notes, and ONLY using white keys (C Major) on the keyboard.
- Set playback to the beginning of the track, and arm the track for recording - it will turn red.
- Press record, and let the song play.  Start recording at 9, and stop when 17 begins.
- Listen to what you recorded.  If you don't like it - delete, and start again.   
- When you are happy with your "take", disarm the recording track.
7.  Now we'll "clean up" what you recorded.  On the track you just recorded into, select "Sound" and choose Piano Roll.  
- In the top row, select "Snap Measure", and "Quantize".  Quantization is aligning music to a precise set of standards.
- Select "Quantize All", then "1/2 notess" for both Note Start and Note Length.  
- You should notice that your melody is now perfectly aligned with the metronome.

8.  Right-click the loop in the main window under measure 9, and select "Split".  Do the same at measure 17.   You should now have 3 distinct regions - delete the outer two, since we don't need them.

9.  Right click the name bar of the remaining loop, and select "Make Into Loop".  Duplicate this 5 more times so that it lasts until measure 57.

10.  Follow the same process for a new instrument, playing quarter notes, from m17-25.  Duplicate this 3 times so that it lasts until measure 49.

11.  Do the same for a new instrument playing 8th notes starting at m25.   Duplicate this one so that it lasts until measure 41.
*HINT: If you're having trouble recording 8th notes at this tempo, slow the entire project down!  Just don't forget to speed it up again when you are finished.  

12.  When you're finished, turn off the metronome, open the mixer tab, and blend your sound accordingly.   

13.  Add a reverb effect on your master track only.

14.  Mix down to an mp3 when you are finished.