About Us

The Daniel Boone High School Music Department offers a variety of large and small ensembles, classroom music, guitar, music theory, and technology to over 250+ students in the high school.  Located in southeast Berks County, the school serves 1200 students in grades 9-12. 

District wide, the music program in the school district currently serve over 1,300 students, translating into almost 48%of the district's enrollment, K-12.   Beginning with classroom music instruction, the offerings includes 16 separate ensembles in the elementary schools, 10 separate ensembles at the middle school level, 15 ensembles and elective classes at the high school level.  Students involved in all of these programs, as well as the ensembles themselves, have represented the school district at the county, state, national, and international level over the past 10-15 years. 

Justin McAdams: 610 582 6149:  Music Department Chair, Band Director, Music Theory I, Music Technology, World of Music
Erin Benn: 610 582 6100, x140: Choral Director, Music Theory II & III, World of Music

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