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We encourage you to join a team of expert birders for a birdwalk in the
Desert Botanical Garden (
DBG) in Phoenix, Arizona.
Here is your invitation to these birdwalks.

We also present the weekly DBG - Birdwalks Birdlists. A new list is created for each birdwalk1. Each list contains a complete list of all bird and other interesting animal observations made during the birdwalk2,3.
  • You can learn more about the team of expert birders by visiting the Birdwalk Leaders page.
  • The Birding Photography page presents interesting articles about how photography is being used by birders.
  • You can see fun and interesting birding images by visiting the  Birding Images page (this page is not currently managed).
  • You can read about important topical birding information by visiting the  Birding Feathers page.
  • You can learn more about bird and birdwatching resources by visiting the Birding Books page.
  • You can learn some useful information about selecting and using binoculars by visiting the Birding Binoculars page.
  • You can learn some very helpful advice about how experienced birders outfit themselves and protect themselves from the sun, insects, attack plants, noxious plants, and other things by visiting the Stylish Birding page.
  • You can read a short presentation of generally accepted code of conduct information for birders by reading the Birding Etiquette page.
  • You can visit Birding Websites to learn about and use links to interesting and useful birding websites.
  • Please also read the Disclaimer page.
  • Papago Park has ponds and other water features that are good places to watch waterfowl and other birds. Some of these places are the Papago Park Ponds and Picnic Areas which are just south of the DBG, the Evelyn Hallman Park which is at the intersection of North College Avenue and East Marigold Lane, and the Arizona Crosscut Canal which is just east of the DBG. Walking and bicycle Access along the canal is from East McDowell Road just north of the DBG, and from the Papago Park Pond 1 parking areas.
    See maps and other images at Papago Park Birding Locations .
When you can come on a birdwalk:

The birdwalks are held every Monday morning year-round, except when July 4 or December 25 falls on a Monday. The starting time varies depending on the season. During the summer months, May through September, the birdwalks begin at 7:00 AM. During the cooler months, October through April, the birdwalks begin at 8:00 AM.

Birders all meet at the garden entrance. If you miss the start of the birdwalk, just come on into the garden and join the group. Staff and volunteers will be glad to direct you to the location of the group. It is the usual practice for the birdwalks to begin along the Desert Wildflower Loop Trail. The entrance to this trail is directly west of the Garden Admissions area.
Here is information showing typical Birdwalk Distances .
You can view selected images from the birdwalks with these Flickr Albums: DBG-Images_2017 ,  DBG-Images_2018 .

You can view live weather camera images from the roof of the DBG Webster Center looking toward Barnes Butte. Click this link to see these views: DBG-Weather Camera Views. You can also learn about the local Phoenix area weather conditions from this web page.

Browsing for Birds:

During two different Safaris, the elusive Firefox was spotted in the distance through our Chrome-ringed telescope while we were Exploring the jungles of the Internet in search of the mysterious Thunderbird.

1. We use the single word "birdwalk" to uniquely identify this kind of walking about, birdwatching activity. We believe that using the separate two words "bird" and "walk" do not lend the appropriate status to this widely practiced birdwatching activity.
2. You can print any list.
3. You can create a Bookmark or save the URL for any list for direct viewing using your browser.

William and Diana Herron, December, 2011 ; Stats
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Written by: William and Diana Herron
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