Process discovery typically starts from an event log that contains process progression information of multiple instances of a process in the form of chronologically ordered events, where each event comes with a respective process name, task name, time stamp, and correlation information (telling which process instance the event belongs to). In practice, it is however hard to find such events logs, as most companies do not really run their business processes inside a business process engine or, if they do, either they run only a part of the process in the engine and other parts inside some legacy system, or the engine is simply not configured to produce a log with the necessary details. 

The tool that we demo here assumes that we are exactly in this situation: we have no event log. Instead what we have access to is the operational database upon which the process instances have been executed. This demo shows how the tool provides support for the reconstruction of an event log from this database for the purpose of discovering process models.

Database Eventification Demo