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47+ Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom
Richard Byrne shares a lot of resources that you can consider if you can't do YouTube.

     Set a time you want to wake up, choose a video you want to hear as you rise, and you're done



Create quizzes with YouTube video.
Create Interactive Videos (Choose Your Own Adventure)
Gregshares how to make a Choose Your Own Adventure video by having you go through a Choose Your Own Adventure video.
Creator Academy
Learn to be a more successful YouTube video creator by taking these free courses.
Get More Out of YouTube Using These URL Hacks
MakeUseOf shares several tricks to tweak the YouTube url and get more benefit from the video.
Grockit Answers
Ask a question and have Grockit locate videos that can help you. Also includes a public Q&A section next to the video so you can post your question or comment (or answer someone's).
How to Easily Blur Faces from YouTube Videos
Richard Byrne shares how to blur faces in YouTube videos. Simple.
Easily download YouTube videos. Consider using the KeepVid bookmarklet to make it even easier :-)
     Family Safe You Tube

Lean Back

If you are watching YouTube on your TV, you might find this url helpful in that it allows you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard…no need for a mouse.
Enter your YouTube URL and this site will create an mp3 file of it that you can download and listen to.
Interesting way to share YouTube videos. Share your video on a distraction free page with a cute background image. Sweet!
Want to share a YouTube (or Viddler ror Vimeo) video but don't want all the clutter around it? QuietTube is your answer. Similar to ViewPure. Example here
Cool tool that makes it very easy to share YouTube videos with your students - strips out all the adds, relevant videos, etc. Very nice!
Storyboard Bookmarklet
This cool bookmarklet will create a storyboard of any YouTube video for you to print out. Very clever.
Check out YouTube's idea incubator site to see what their engineers and developers are thinking up.

     Enter a few keywords and this site will build a timeline of videos related to them



Pull up the YouTube video you want and then set the beginning and ending where you want. It's a 23 minute video but you only want to show 1:47 minutes? No problem with TubeChop. Creates a special link for you just for that section.
Watch your favorite YouTube video without having to press replay…just use this tool!
So you are serious about getting your YouTube channel to the next level? Consider taking advantage of YouTubes marketing tools with TubeTrackr.
Video Question Editor
Join this beta (for free) to add a feature to your YouTube account so you can have your video stop and a question to be asked. The student cannot continue until he/she answers the question.
Remove the distractions and ads using this tool. Similar to QuiteTube. Example Here
This form allows you to customize the way your video appears by allowing you to set various parameters and then generating an embed code for you.
Create a private room (free) where you and your friends can watch videos simultaneously.
Not sure when you'd use this. It is different. Added for variety.
Create a mashup of YouTube videos. Interesting.
YouTube Capture
Easily capture video on your iOS device and upload to YouTube.
YouTube Editor
Do some simple video editing in the cloud with this tool. Combine videos, trim and rotate clips, add text effects and transitions, and more!
YouTube for Schools
Educate, engage, and inspire your students with high quality educational videos on YouTube in a controlled environment. Sign up for free.
YouTube Instant Search
Type your search term in the text field and have it auto play the top YouTube video for you.
YouTube Options
This is a great Chrome extension to use if you share YouTube videos on the fly and don't have time to run them through a site like, quitetube, or viewpure.
YouTube Time
Create a link that sets the starting point of your video with this easy form.
YouTube Time Machine
Easily search for and find videos from any particular time with this handy tool.
YouTube Toolbox: 100+ Tools and Resources to Enhance Your Video Experience
An extensive list of tools to consider when you are working with YouTube videos. Some are really great some are just okay. Good list to consider, though.
      Why watch only one YouTube video, or even two, when you can watch three at once?  Make a triptych of YouTube videos you can watch singly or all at the same time

YouTube Doubler
YouTube Doubler will allow you to watch 2 YouTube videos at once.  Enter the URLs of both videos, and you're ready to go.

     A project from MIT that follows what videos are removed from YouTube for copyright violations. Tells you how many days ago the video was removed and how long it had been on the site.


Ways to Use YouTube
  1. Organize all the great video content you find
  2. Archive your work
  3. Allow students to dig deeper into a subject
  4. Get struggling students up to speed, and push strong students ahead
  5. Review for upcoming exams
  6. Create a YouTube center in your classroom
  7. Create quizzes to accompany videos for instant feedback
  8. Create interactive video quests
  9. Flip your classroom
  10. Spark lively discussions - "Have you seen . . . "
Some Great Classroom Discussion Starters


 Some Great YouTube Favorites