Google Drawing Resources

Step by Step Directions for Creating a Google Drawing: 
  1. Go to your Drive
  2. Select Create (a red, rectangular button on the left-hand side of your screen)
    - Then choose Drawing
  3. Be sure to click on “Untitled Drawing” in the top left corner of your screen.
    – A box will pop-up on your screen prompting you to rename your drawing. Renaming your document helps you to easily identify it in your Drive later on.
  4. To insert your graphic organizer into the drawing, click on:
    – Insert, then Image
  5. Add your text by clicking on the ‘T’ (for text box)
    – Place your mouse where you would like the new text box to go
    – Draw in your text box by simply dragging with your mouse
  6. Type in the text box
  7. Continue to do this until your graphic organizer is completely filled in.
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 Google Drawing Templates:

Add Sound to your Google Drawing
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It’s a Draw! Organize Your Way to The Finish Line

Dash to the finish line with Google Drawing. Google Drawing can help you and your students create graphic organizers that organize information and illustrate knowledge. Come learn to create and use graphic organizers in your classroom and stay ahead of the race. BYOD: Laptop