Adventures of Daniel and Diego.

Diego the SAR dog-in-training

 You probably want to know sometthing about my puppyhood


They say its about smelling good, but its not all a walk in the park.


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Daniel is a member of CARDA, something unimportant to a dog like Diego, of significance nonetheless.

Photos and documents related to Old West Wranglers Diego. 

By BitBanger.

I got in to this SAR business as a means of getting trained to do something useful with my dog.


Diego is a boy, almost 3 years old on Oct 22 07.   We named him Diego in honor of the many accomplished or at least hard-working 'Diego's in California history. 

Diego is a neutered Australian Shepard of Blue Merle coloring.  He's a nice guy and helpful, too.  In addition to his formal training in finding humans, he can pick up objects for his handler, fetch the newspaper, play games.  Very friendly with people and somewhat obedient.

About Aussies: Personality and Character

It's fun to imagine flying on a real mission....