Upgrade your BIOS

No input = no output

Hi Everybody,

                     I recently had the unfortunate experience of buying a new wireless router and then finding no onboard wireless card on my laptop ( compaq presario V6102AU ) , the reason was a bad phoenix bios version which after sometime stops detecting the wireless card and other hardware compoents.

I contacted HP 's service guys they said to bring in the laptop and they will replace the wireless card .. being the skeptical geeky self and some assurances from my friend sunil that wireless cards don't burn out before 70 degree centrigrade , i set out to upgrade the Phoenix BIOS ver : F.19 ( although the HP support website states that in case your wireless or any other components are not working to bring the laptop in for servicing and repairs ) .

 So i put on my geek cap and started to read the instructions to upgrade the BIOS .. then i found even more stumbling blocks ... the OS installed in my laptop is linux ( ubuntu 8.04 ) but the flash utility to upgrade your BIOS is "Winflash" which conveniently works only in the windows operating systems.


I then did some more online search and found a solution to my problems called Bart PE a Preinstalled Environment made by Bart Lagerweij, available in this website

With this amazing piece of software you can create a live CD / DVD that is based in your windows XP installation disk.

So basically you get a minimal windows XP with just the DLL's needed to execute applications like "Winflash" and you can burn "Winflash" and the BIOS upgrade image alongwith the Bart PE using the pebuilder software.


So after building the iso image and burning it to a CD/DVD you can boot from it by changing the settings in the BIOS and then run the "Winflash" application with the correct BIOS upgrade image and Voila ...!!!!


I had my new F.3D Phoenix BIOS installed and running in my compaq presario V6102AU laptop and you know what the wireless broadcom card was instantly detected and i was on my wireless network in minutes... 


My kudos to Bart Lagerweij.