Mobile Robot 



Hi People

                 I am building a mobile robot system without the aid or a microcontroller or a microprocessor based on pure digital circuits ( gate ICs ) .

This is my first serious foray into electronics and i had some success.


My First Digital Circuit

This is the first digital product that has worked for me a simple circuit with a push button ( coupled with a RC debouncer circuit ) and a NAND IC to give me a logic output.


RC Debouncer Circuit



Robotic Tank Circuit Schematic

This is the robotic tank circuit schematic section i will incorporate live images later.  

This is a two part circuit one is a control board and the other is a relay board which is seperate. 

Pictures of complete electronic control based tank chassis

This is a picture of a mobile robot completely handbuilt by me, currently i am updating the electronic control system with a microcontroller.