Hi Everybody,

                     This project of mine is to use crosstool to build a ARM toolchain  with  NPTL and TLS support

I have successfully built the toolchain and am  currently  working out the  bugs in the toolchain

Here is a link to the crosstool-0.44 


Also in the process of testing this new toolchain ( please bear in mind it is still in testing phase) i encountered some problems with the supporting software used to test this toolchain  mainly dejagnu ( GNU testing framework ) and inetutils ( used for installing remote tools and servers for testing ) 

So i had to hack and come up with some fixes which enable me to work with dejagnu . 

Patches for dejagnu and inetutils


The inetutils  used  in this  version of crosstool is  1.4.2  and  it  is used to build  the  remote  tools  like rsh ,rcp and rlogin for remote testing and inetd in case you need a inetd server to run rshd and rlogind in the target to be tested. 

This patch enable inetutils to login to root without any authentication and also patches inetd code to run 200 servers in a interval time. 

This is a patch must be used with caution as root logins are possible after this patch with no password authentication


This howto i modified contains the instructions on howto compile inetutils-1.4.2 and use the patch. 




As i was testing the toolchain with dejagnu i had to face some errors while calling rsh with commands like "sh -c" and "rm -f" as the options which were supposed to be passed to the command got interpreted as rsh options and rsh does not have any options like '-f' and '-c' so i had to escape the option characters in a few places in dejagnu's scripts which call rsh.



The script is a real challenge as i have yet to solve the way to build the jail in it ... 

But i was able to manually build the jail and then run to use the jail i had created by commenting out the part of the script that calls

Here is a copy 


 Testing the ARM toolchain

 After building the jail and running i had a some errors while making the glibc-testsuite , i have not been able to resolve these linking errors yet and would appreciate any help regarding the same.


Here are the logs of the testing i have done till now



I hope all this information is useful to somebody who wants to build a new ARM toolchain in the near future.

And i would like to thank Dan Kegel (creator of crosstool ) and Sunil Beta Baskar (Embedded Linux Expert) for helping me come so far in this project and for encouraging me to go on.