Don't Buy ANYTHING for a Week. 

The goal here is simple. Prove to yourself that you can go an entire week without buying anything, and find out a lot more about your own buying habits. Imagine how much you'll learn about yourself.


  1. When is it? October 2nd 12:00 am - October 8th 11:59pm
  2. Is it possible? Yes. It should be anyway.
  3. How can I prepare:
    • Buy a full tank of gas for all your vehicles the night before you start
    • Stock up the pantry and the refrigerator with at least 10 days worth of food (Better to over estimate). Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink.
    • If you like to grill, make sure you have ample amounts of propane
    • Pay all your bills for the month at least 2-3 days prior to starting if possible so you can avoid paying any bills during DBAW.
    • Make sure all you have plenty consumables and personal hygiene items on hand.
    • Plan ride-shares and carpools with your co-workers to avoid having to buy gas.
    • Ask for a tele-commute day at work during that week and tell them why.
    • Get your bicycle in order.
    • Don't plan any parties or trips during DBAW
    • Buy any birthday gifts or otherwise ahead of time
    • Refill any meds you normally take
  4. What if I have a long commute to work and have to drive every day? If none of the above preparation suggestions help, then you can buy a pre-paid gas card for the week and use that. Although that is technically cheating you are excused. Try your absolute best not to use the card however and you just might make it.
  5. Why that week? No special reason.Why not that week?

How to join:
As of this moment, the only thing to join is the Facebook event which can be found here: Facebook Event Page

Day 3

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Day 4

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