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Personal Finance

My coach Mr. Nandish says, whatz stopping anyone from not acheiving Financial Success in life is '..Not doing it..' he says, get up and get doing.
There were a few things which I had done in life, which I thought were correct:
  • Huge LIC policy.
  • Procrastinate savings.
  • Buy shares of a company because a friend thought it would give returns.
  • Company where I work already provides family health insurance, so din think it would be wise to have a health insurance which I owned.
  • Under estimated value of SIP.
  • Over estimated my knowledge to attain financial freedom.
  • When I came across a good financial planner, I did not read the writing on the wall, I said to myself, I could do it on my own, google, books, trail and error, good friends etc.
Only recently I read something which blowed it... it was a writeup by JagoInvestors which was mailed by Mr. Nandish, reading that, I realized the '..comfort zone..' I had created for myself, which was not letting me seek the path for Financial Freedom. Thats when I accepted Mr. Nandish as my guru.
They are going to bring the awareness in me to do things, show me the way to Financial Freedom, I believe them 100% that they will lead me there.
I knew I would come back to write this. From Aug till now, there has been a big change in my financial life, I have got rid weeds, planted few good saplings, read many good books, I have taken the baby steps, what is now required is to keep it going, without turning back.
I wish to come back after 5years to write that: 'Today I am free bird, I dont have to work for any employer', isnt that such a good feeling.
My quick ref on Investment
Some fot the Financial Planning professionals I found online:
List of sites which I read more from
PocketSafe.in Find out Insurance policies.
BachatKhata Good to read and learn about finance.
NRIMatters Very good repo of info required for NRIs.
Mprofit.in A company selling Desktop Portfolio Management Software.
Medimanage People who know everything about Health Insurance Policies, can advice you well.
I came across this site recently, they have not started Personal Finance advice offerring yet, they say they would start soon, this will be a site to come back and check later on.
This is a very good slide show to get introduced to the concept of Mutual Funds
Here is another Financial Advisor Blog, I find it informative