Hello World!
Welcome to my personal collection of commands, sqls, scripts and more!
Like you might have guessed, I am into IT, and Database is my primary interest, though I started as an Application Developer, I started to find myself being good at Database Administration. In the last decade and more I have had the opportunity to work for big names in the Industry as an Engineer, Database Administrator, Database Analyst, Database Consultant etc. Irrespective of what my position was named, following are some of the skills I got good at:
    Databases, Operating Systems, Application Servers
    PL/Sql, easyPython, Shell scripting.
Some more vital skills:
    Database Modeling, Database Designing, DB Infrasturcture Plans.
Extensively experienced in:
    Data Migration (Gather requirements, Analyze, design and implement Data transfer).
    Cross Platform data migration.
To name some of the softwares I have gained experience in:
    Oracle (8i till 11g + OCP certified), RAC (OCP Certified), Grid, Rman.
    MS Sql Server
    WebLogic, WebSphere
    Linux, Aix, Solaris, Windows
    Utilities like ERWin, Toad, DBArtisan.
I have had to read a lot of books to understand Databases, Operating systems and other software, thanx to all my seniors, collegues and friends, who have helped me. learnt a lot by browsing through google looking for white papers, blogs and sites. Commit mistakes, attend seminars, webinars, OUGs, Google etc.
While on it, I have made notes of different kinds: papers, text files, personal wiki and more. This website is an attempt to bring together all these different things, to be helpful to myself and others.
Largely this is still "Work In Progress", so you will have to bare with limited documentation in most of the places. I plan to do it better by the day, hope you will find it useful.
Comments, suggestions welcome: harshaskm at yahoo.com