The Newbie's Guide to Weapons of Republic Commando


Possible Spoilers!!!




 DC-17m blaster attachment

DC-17m Sniper Attachment

DC-17m Anti-Armor Attachment





















Geonosian elite beam weapon





ACP Array gun

ACP Repeater



Heavy ACP Repeater


LJ-50 Concussion Rifle








Wookiee rocket launcher

Issued Weapons

DC-15s: 5/5

Your basic Pistol. You'll end up using this if you run out of ammo For Your DC-17.It has infinite ammo, though strangely enough, it has a reload animation in the game files. It has to recharge after 3-4 shots.


 Because The DC-17 has 3 conversions, they will be reviewed seperately.

Blaster Attachment: 4/5

This, I guarantee you, will be your most used weapon. A clip holds 60 rounds. It is a good weapon, though It does little damage per round. To make up for this, it fires fairly fast and actually speeds up as you continously fire.

Sniper attachment: 4/5

Also a good weapon, it is good for taking out far away targets and presicion shooting. The shake comes with fries, a.k.a a sniper scope with two mgnifacations. If you shoot a enemy in the head with this, add another kill to your counter. The one bad thing is that a clip only holds 5 rounds, and you can only carry 4 clips. Otherwise a good weapon.

 Anti-Armor Attachment: 4/5

Scorch's weapon of choice. Though you can only hold 4 charges, it still kicks SBD butt. Very powerful and very explosive. 'Nuff said.

Vibroknuckler: 5/5

One of my favorites. This little doohickey slides out of the gauntlet to stab people(trandoshans, Geonosians, and the like). About the legnth of the pointer finger and as wide as the two middle fingers, this the pinnacle of stealth technology, besides saying "shut up." It is not long enough to protect against swords or lightsabers, But is still friggin' awesome

Your Squad

Because the ads refer to your squad as "your weapon" they will be review here.


The joker and demo expert. Favorite weapon is the anti-armor attachment. He gets his name from an ordinance accident, where he burnt his and the Sergeant Walon Vau's eyebrows off. He is the resident wiseguy of Delta squad, often remarking at times when the squad is idle "If we're all clones, how come I'm the only one with a sense of humor?"


The guy you don't want to mess with. He is the weapons expert, and has a dark, menacing voice. He also shares the role of wiseguy with Scorch, with a sadistic and grim sense of humor. He is the best sniper out of all of Delta squad, downing Sun Fac's fighter with a single shot.


The resident slicer and technology expert of Delta Squad, leding Scoch to say," Nobody can match his l33t hax0r skillz!" He was known not to enjoy the heat of battle and in-game, he is not an exceptional shot. His favorite weapon is the vibroknuckler, which he uses to great extent. He is also known to say,"keep the Comm clear" to Scorch and Sev's wisecracks. He is second in command.


 Geonosian weapons

Elite beam wepon: 4/5

The only usable geonosian weapon, which is dropped by Geonosian elites. It converting the genosians body fluids into a highly concentrated beam of plasma, effectivly limiting the usefulness to any non-geonosian. It has an internal tank so any fluids stored in the tank is your "ammo," represented by the gauge near your hand. It is an awesome weapon, though it takes a while to charge up before it fires. Also can't be reloaded, so what you get is all your getting.

Trandoshan Weapons

ACP Array gun:5/5

No first person shooter is complete without a shotgun. This is a shotgun that looks like a real-life shotgun, prompting Boss to say "I didn't think Lizards were that nostalgic." Innefective at long range but brutal at close range, you'll probably be stuck with this at some point in the future. The gun can hold 8 cartridges, each one shot. You can hold 24 cartridges.

ACP Repeater:1/5

One word: Crap. In fact, the actual weapons are such crap, they have built-in fire extinguishers. In order to do damage to something you need to get ridiculously close, so you're better off using the shotgun. One clip has 40 shots, the most ammo you can hold at a time is 160 shotes, or 4 clips.

LS-150 Heavy ACP Repeater:5/5

Best. Weapon. Ever.

Looking similar to a Bren machine gun, this is a devastating weapon. Only usable by bulky Trandoshan Elites, this thing is about the size of a coffee table. It gets it's ammo from a belt, with each belt containing 200 shots. Your average clone commando can have two belts on his person. It has a unique melee attack, being that you thrust the gun out and stab people with the little pointy bit on the end.

LJ-50 Concussion Rifle:4/5

Your basic anti-armor for trandoshans. When ready to fire, a ball of energy is formed on the tip, a useful side-effect of this is that when something touches the tip, is has the same effect of a EC Detonator. This thing fires the ball which, upon contact, would explode causing heavy damage to anything in the ball. To reload the weapon, a canister of...stuff is loaded into the gun each with the capacity 5 shots. A clone commando could only carry one canister in reserve, due to the tendency for trandoshan technology to explode.

Wookiee weapons


One of my favorites. It fires a magnetally charged quarrle coverd in plasma. It is more accurate than the average blaster and does a whole lot more damage. It has two firing functions. One is just a single shot. The other is a charged shot, which is the equvalent of 3 normal shots and bounces. Better yet, It comes complete with a sniper scope with one level of magnification.

Wookiee Homing Rocket launcher:10/5

Very explosive. Very rare. Best used against heavily armored targets or a large group of enemies. It is about 7 feet long and has 6 missiles per clip. It is possible to reload the weapon though very hard since these beuties are busually found once per operation. While using this or the Heavy ACP repeater, the player is effectivly slowed down.


Thermal detonator:5/5

The staple of most threats in the star wars universe, this thing upon explosion, releases super-hot gas, torching everything, including advanced Kartarn armor.

Geonosian Sonic Grenades:5/5

My favorite grenade, this thing can stick to a wall and explode when something(including you) is stupid enough to come close to it.

Flashbang grenade:4/5

Upon impact, this grenade releases a blinding light, incapacitating most meatbags for a while. It does not work against droids, and if your looking in the general direction of the grenade, you'll be blinded too, though you'll still have limited vision.

EC Detonator:4/5

Also considered an Ion grenade, this grenade sets off a large EMP explosion, incapacitating and doing serious damage to droids and meatbags alike. The only bad part is that unless You throw it really far, you're going to get shocked as well, thogh you are'nt incapacitated.