KML / KMZ Files

Google Earth - Keyhole Markup Language files with place location information. (KMZ files are KML files compressed with ZIP)

Right-Click & Save file to your PC, and open it using Google Earth.

525 Placemarks are currently listed.  But since some events have multiple locations (and markers), there are fewer total events.


Faires-Festivals_080219-1.kmz - Updated some events, and added a Pirate and Ren Faire.

Faires-Festivals_080206-1.kmz - Updated a bunch of Faires/Festivals.  No new ones added.

Faires-Festivals_080205-1.kmz - Added 7 Faires/Festivals, and updated 3 others.

Faires-Festivals_080202-1.kmz - Added BC Renaissance Festival, and updated 10 Faires / Festivals.

Faires-Festivals_080122-1.kmz - Added 7 Ren / Medieval / Dragon Faires.

Faires-Festivals_080121-1.kmz - Updated 2 faires (Sarasota Medieval Fair & Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire) and added 3 festivals (Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival, Covington MainStrasse Village River Raid Renaissance Festival, & Traveller's Rest Music Festival)

Faires-Festivals_080120-1.kmz - Updated location of Songwood Renaissance Festival after seeing a post by "LadyJessica" on

Faires-Festivals_071223-1.kmz - Added a link to the thread, so people can contact me with Event Updates or Corrections.

Faires-Festivals_071211-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals, and updated Manchester, Hebridean, and Pan Celtic Festivals in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  505 Placemarks listed.

Faires-Festivals_071206-1.kmz - Added a couple of Ren Faires in California, and many more Celtic Festivals.  488 Placemarks listed.

Faires-Festivals_071112-1.kmz - Added three British Festivals that are in TX, thanks to A. Robb.  462 Placemarks listed.

Faires-Festivals_071109-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals, and updated the McHenry Festival. 459 Placemarks listed.

Faires-Festivals_071108-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals and two Medieval Faires in Australia. Updated dates for Escondido Ren Faire. Updated Payson, Southwark and Elizabeth Festivals. 440 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071107-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals, and updated the Australian and Elizabeth Celtic Festivals. 405 events listed, but some are multiple locations for several events.

Faires-Festivals_071106-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals, and updated info on Sonora and Calaveras Celtic Faires. 378 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071031-1.kmz - Updated location for "Northern California Renaissance Faire (at Casa de Fruta)", thanks to "gingerlii" on

Faires-Festivals_071030-1.kmz - Added "Daphne Celtic Festival", thanks to Stan on 374 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071023-1.kmz - Update to "North Texas Irish Festival." Added NTIF URL, thanks to B. Knight.

Faires-Festivals_071020-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals. 373 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071019-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals. 354 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071018-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals. 326 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071017-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals. Also added "Sioux City Riverssance" as mentioned by "Mistress Susan" on

Faires-Festivals_071016-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals and new "By Location" folders for the "Middle East" and "Asia". There are now 280 events listed.

Faires-Festivals_071015-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals: in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Faires-Festivals_071014-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals.

Faires-Festivals_071013-1.kmz - Added more Celtic Festivals.

Faires-Festivals_071011-1.kmz - Added some Celtic Festivals, and changed the color of the Placemark Push-Pins.

Faires-Festivals_071009-1.kmz - Added some Celtic Festivals, and split the "By Location" listings into "Ren Faires" and "Celtic Festivals" folders.

Faires-Festivals_071006-1.kmz - Added Faires for NorthEast, modified the data layout in the Popups, and added "By Month" Listings.

Faires-Festivals_071004-2.kmz - Added Faires for MidWest and South.

Faires-Festivals_071004-1.kmz - Added Faires for Western states.

Faires-Festivals_071003-3.kmz - Added Yahoo Maps Satellite Photo links.

Faires-Festivals_071003-2.kmz - Updated TX Ren Fest closing date.

Faires-Festivals_071003-1.kmz - Updated with many California Faires.

Faires-Festivals_071001-1.kmz - First file with ~70 Faires & Festivals listed.