Innovation is Key

Archives, libraries, museums and academic institutions face great challenges.
The demand for cultural information is ever increasing. At the same time new technologies makes this information available for a fast growing public. In this dynamic process innovation is key.

My aim is to support in introducing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.
In practical terms: I raise funds, provide solutions for management, digitisation or research problems and manage the resulting ICT projects.

ICT Consultancy

If you choose to innovate, how do you select the ICT environment that suits the goals of the organization or the project? And if you have, what will make it successful? As an ICT consultant with hands on programming skills I help to create tangibles results. Learn more.


More than ten years of practical experience in innovative ICT projects combined with a master in Information and Document Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (and a MA in History from the University of Amsterdam) gives a solid background as a manager. Learn more.


Innovation needs reflection. Publishing work is an excellent opportunity to test ideas. One of my latest publication: The creation, curation and dissemination of digital humanities resources: The Dutch Daialect Database. In: ESSHC 2016 conference (Valencia, Spain, 2016). Learn more.