Flickr Droid

Bringing Flickr to Android.

Flickr Droid, for those of us that like automatically changing wallpapers:

 Just wrote an Android application which allows you to search the Flickr database, with a tag/search string, downloads small thumbnails of the images, and then gives you the freedom to do a number of operations with them. The app can also automatically keep your wallpaper updated, based on your search string.


  • Easy search and viewing of Flickr images.
  • Upload your photos straight from any Android device to your Flickr account.
  • Automatic wallpaper updater, based on YOUR search criteria.
  • Keyword/Tag/Person search.
  • Auto-correct spelling.
  • Smallest possible bandwidth use.
  • Any image can be assigned to your background/contact, shared, or saved.
  • Tilt Control - Use the accelerometer to scroll through images.

Check it out on the Android Market / Cryket

Auto-Correct Search Terms, and Person search...

Zoomed view, Sort By....

Uploading to Flickr....