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In my pursuit of the idea of creating my own animated action series of continual episodes, my needs eventually led me to what I consider to be the Best 3d animation creation software on the planet:
Carrara Proby  

After a few years of getting acquainted with the software and collecting content assets along the way, I am amazed at how well I can carry out all of my needs within this single application. I have created a rather detailed thread, dedicated to helping newcomers and hopefully to inspire new techniques to others in the Daz Forums:   ►►►  Carrara Information Manual   ◄◄◄

Although a fairly new topic, I already have a wealth of information and links within. Since illustrations and other feature are still not a working function there, I decided it time to create this site to better express myself regarding all things Carrara.

Hone your animation skills Now with amazing tutorials. Learn how to animate in Daz Studio now.
Note: Since I've started the >>> Carrara Information Manual <<<, the forum software has changed, making the thread a bit more difficult to use and a nightmare to try and fix (I've fixed most of the broken links - but I fear that there are still a lot more hidden within). 

So I've started a new thread which has the same premise, and is hopefully a little easier to use (and perhaps more fun to browse) than the original: Learning Carrara and Need Some Help?

As most of my renders are animations, I've become attuned to doing what I can within Carrara to prevent the need for any but the easiest post work to be required to be production-ready. The image on the top left is a straight render aside from adding the "No Postwork" Badge. It took a LOT of work to get that effect in a straight-out render!

Recently, however, I have stumbled upon another thread in the forum, conducted by a good friend of mine, demonstrating all of the benefits that artists are welcome to within the realm of post. This got me to recall a graphics editing software, also sold at Daz3d, that has several animation features. 

I've only seen the software in passing and, because of it's most likable name, have always intended to come back for a closer look. 

Well the time has come for me to take my first look into an application that would change my work flow for the better - for the rest of my life! This is why, although this is a Carrara information site, it will also cater to offering a wealth of information to what I feel is the perfect counterpart to Carrara Pro - "Project Dogwaffle Pro - Howler". I told you it was a cool name!  

Home to Dogwaffle, The Best 3d, is a wealth of all things related to digital art, 3d, music, as well as their products. They help other software writers get their applications seen by those who visit, and have absolutely the largest selection of developer-made free software training than any software I've seen anywhere. It's mind boggling! 
Forest Clearing by the Lake

I want to make this site a place where folks can come on in and learn from my open mind, towards learning some very essential, helpful techniques towards getting the results you need from Carrara. With such a vast arsenal of tools, features, functions and different ways of doing similar things, it may take a lot of time for me to consider this writing and illustration complete - if I ever will. But the ride along the way should be fun and exciting... even more... beneficial.

While you wait for these pages to fill, please don't hesitate to try the links above to other places within the art webway. The image to the rig
ht is what happens when you render with the default settings using the default camera from one of the preset scenes within my new Carrara products: Environ Kits - Woodlands (Coming Soon to Daz3d), which will be available at My Store at Daz3d!

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