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224.680 MHZ  This site is located in Dayton Ohio.  It is an intermediate system that is useful in a 40 mile radius.  The approximate 1,000 square mile coverage area is centered in Dayton.  The outer fringe area is affected by terrain and elevation.  This repeater is coordinated under the Ohio Area Repeater Coordination Council rules and guidelines and has been a member in good standing since it was established in 1992.  The system is undergoing technical changes with replacement of the controller, transmitter and receiver planned.  The system is ready for general amateur use.  The 224.680 system has an effective radiated power of 200 watts with the height above average terrain (HAAT) at 118 feet.  We expect to expand the repeaters capabilities with Echolink.  Echolink is on only part of the time.  The main transmitter and receiver are both located at the main site. This repeater was established in 1992.

The 443.600 repeater, also at the main site, has expanded coverage to the north into Urbana, Ohio and sporatic coverage into Bellefontaine, Ohio.  The effective radiated power is 175 watts and the height above average terrain (HAAT) at 110 feet.  We will be working to link the 443.600 to the 224.680 repeater in the near future.  This repeater is coordinated under the Ohio Area Repeater Coordination Council and has been a member in good standing since it was established in 2009.

The 53.29 repeater, separate site, has the coverage as HF/VHF combined.  The effective radiated power is 200 watts and the height above average terrain (HAAT) at 118 feet.  I would like to link these repeaters one day.  The repeater was established in 2009.  Established in 2009.  It will be operational in December 2014.
The 224.760 repeater located in Vandalia Ohio is a wide coverage system.  It covers Southwest Ohio.  The repeater can be used from Sidney, Bellefontaine, Wilmington and Cincinnati.  This is an open repeater and no PL is required.  This repeater is on EchoLink Node 298502.  Please check in and let us know where you are located.  We welcome all.  If you are new to Ham Radio, please stop by and say hello.  New Hams are very welcome to use this repeater.  We just ask that NO CB lingo be used on the system.  The repeater is a Motorola transmitter and receiver.  Established in 2011.
The 224.720 repeater is located on the SouthWest side of Dayton.  The antenna is at about 250 feet.  This repeater can work into Northern Kentucky.  Although this repeater has great coverage, it will be linked into the 224.760 repeater in Vandalia Ohio with EchoLink full time. Established in 2011.  I am working on replacing the receiver and transmitter with a new unit and this hopefully will be completed in December 2014.
EchoLink!  Yes, it is here on the 224.760 repeater.  Please connect and say hello and see if anyone is around.  We have already had stations as far away as Vienna Austria check in.  Established late 2012.
Email updates and happenings.  W9SAM, Sam, is one of our control operators and maintains an email list of 220 MHZ operators on our repeater.  Call him on the Vandalia system and ask him to include you on the 220 email list.  Stay up to date!

 This website will be updated with system photos along with system specifications and other facts.  The repeaters are coordinated under the call sign KB8CSL (Tim) as the trustee, and KB8GDE (Garry) and KC8YEX (Ryan)as the co-owner sponsors.  Since they are family owned and open to all users, there are no membership fees and total control of the system remain with the the owners and control operators.  The system is operated under Part 97 of the Federal Communication Commission Regulatory Rules.  The repeater operates under the name of the Dayton FM Group.     73

This repeater is an open system and all are welcome to use it.  We also welcome its use as a backup system during any emergency!

We support our troops  
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 Thanks to Geneva Hunley for the the time and patience for the whole repeater project started in 1992
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