Book I of the "Chronicles of Harrigan's Heroes"

The War of Flame draws on, but many see the tides finally turning. Even so, Demons and Childer run amok throughout the Southern Kingdoms, as do enemies with more familiar faces. The borderlands of the north are devastated; they will not recover soon, even if the war ends tomorrow. People are in need, and despair.

In the Kingdom of Erimar, a ruler plots for how events will turn to his advantage, perhaps finally enabling him to tame the Wildlands. In Shaya'Nor, the De'Lears pull on countless strings, drawing close their web of power. In the Prelacy of Camon, weapons of searing fire are put into the hands of fanatics, preparing for a crusade that will drown nations in blood. In hidden vaults throughout Shaintar, Builders reclaim their heritage, and their hunger for power and glory lost eons ago. 

Somewhere in the realm, the Merchant and his allies prepare for a war against his brothers and sisters, seeking a prize beyond the ken of the greatest minds of Shaintar.

In these tumultuous days, a company of mercenaries struggles to rebuild after a terrible betrayal. Homeless and decimated, Harrigan's Heroes are offered a chance to do just that, and to regain their honor and their glory.

All they have to do is protect a town called Drenmar.

A town, and a keep... and what's in the basement.

The Campaign Concept

A band of good-guy mercenaries, giving way for just about any character concept imaginable. The intent is for this campaign to function in a very similar fashion to that of "World Beyond." Whoever is there and available/wanting to can play their character for that day's events.

There will be characters of different XP levels in this one; I've finally relented on that point, at least as far as "come-and-go" campaigns are concerned. Characters will enter the campaign at 0 XPs, though players can earn 5 or even up to 10 XPs for solid backgrounds.

Things to Know
These are important features of the campaign setting, summarized for your convenience:

The War of Flame is Waning. Though it can hardly be said that the Southern Kingdoms have enjoyed very many decisive victories, they have managed to hold back the overwhelming tide of the Empire's forces. Assistance from the Desert Princes, Korindia, Dregordia, and even Nazatir have helped move some battle lines northward, even.

Civil War is Brewing in the Empire. One of the key factors in the Empire's lessening efforts is the transition from rebellious "incidents" to an outright uprising within its borders. The group known as the Unchained, led by former slave Jerik Tul, has grown into a small army, and now Kalinesh warlords and nobles are beginning to flock to his banner.

The Builders are Here. Ancient progenitors of the Dwarven race. Masters of the lost magical technology that is arcfire. One-time rulers of all of Shaintar. This ancient race has returned from Norcan Darr, and is appearing in greater numbers and with more powerful military capability. Some are seeking to regain their role in Shaintar's destiny, while a few seek to aid the Southern Kingdoms in preventing this. An unknown number are clearly allied with the Merchant and are aiding his schemes to manipulate all of Shaintar towards some hidden, greater goal. And some have been seen in the halls of power in the Prelacy of Camon...

The Prelacy is in Preparation. Rumors have abounded for years that the Prelacy would one day embark on a full-scale invasion of the rest of the Southern Kingdoms, so much and so often that people tend to just roll their eyes at the notion. Within command and intelligence circles, however, those rumors have gained a frightening dose of believability as evidence mounts, pointing towards a massive military build-up. Worse, there are more than a few confirmed reports of Builders having been seen in the very capital of the Prelacy, apparently negotiating to arm the Paladins of the Church of Archanon with weapons of "purifying fire."

The Merchant... is Not Alone. The mysterious and nefarious master of countless plots to control the destiny of Shaintar, the Merchant's final goals remain unknown to all but a few. What is clear is that he is more determined than ever to gain as much economic and political power as he can wield, and many believe it is the flow of crysarium that he is most concerned with. What is truly frightening is the increasing evidence that other beings of similar abilities and nature seem to be coming from beyond the Veil; some join with the Merchant, while others take an opposing role. Few have any apparent interest in aiding the people of the land themselves, though.

Shaintar is the creation of Sean Patrick Fannon. Savage Worlds is the copyright of Pinnacle Entertainment. All art found on these pages is used without permission and without challenge to copyright or ownership.