Ennisbrook Trail

Ennisbrook Trail is right inside one of the amazing residential neighborhoods of Montecito, CA. This area is known for its very high end mansions and estates.

Another name used for this trail is the San Ysidro Creekside Trail. The main features of the trail are: It's very shady, which is a hard commodity to come by in southern California trails; and it's almost totally level (which could be a plus or minus depending on your hiking inclinations and ability).

See photos of the trail below.


(above) The trailhead on San Leandro Lane. Go through the gate in the picket fence. (See directions at bottom of page.)

The trail meanders through a 40 acre woodland preserve.

There are a few old stone bridges (as above) that take you over the San Ysidro Creek that runs through the preserve.

This trail is very well maintained by the Montecito Trails Foundation which does a lot of excellent work in the area. The official length of the trail goes much further than the woodland preserve, but the majority of it is alongside some fairly busy but beautiful roads. We found the roadside trail much less desirable than the trail inside the woodlands portion mainly because of the car traffic. We recommend staying on the trail inside the woodland and around the creek. However, this limits the hike to about 45 minutes or so.

(below) You can see the creek at a very low level, as this photo was taken before the rainy season.

(above) Another stone bridge over the creek.

The north end of the trail runs into Foothill Road, where you can find this other trail marker nearby (above).

How to find Ennisbrook Trail:

To get to trail, find N. Jameson Lane which travels parallel to the 101 Freeway just to the east of town. Go north on Hixon Rd then turn right onto San Leandro Lane, or go north Sheffield Dr. and turn left onto San Leandro Lane. Along the north side of San Leandro Lane you will eventually see a small green building with a white picket fence in front of it. (See photo this page). Go through the gate in the picket fence, this is the entrance to the trail.