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Paradise Falls Loop

This is an easy 3 mile hike that takes about 2 hours.

The trail is located in the surprisingly beautiful Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks. It's surprising because you would never expect this to exist so close to the strip mall and residential sprawl of this area.

The highlight of the hike is a 60 foot waterfall called Paradise Falls.

The park was beautifully green when we last took the hike in late February after some good rains (see slideshow).

After you park in the parking lot and start onto the trail in about 5-10 minutes you look around and you would never know you are in Thousand Oaks. It's awesome!

The hike: The loop trail to Paradise Falls is a counter clockwise hike between the park's mountains to the right (north), and Indian Creek to the left (south).

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Start out along the main trailhead at the end of the parking lot (shown in the first slideshow photo). This wide dirt trail is called Mesa Trail. This trail leads to several others in the park. After several hundred yards take a left to get onto Moonridge trail. Even though the trail up the mountains to the right looks very inviting don't get on those trails, save them for another time. Remember, the trail you want is away from the mountains.

The trail to the waterfall is basically all unprotected by shade.

Keep traveling along Moonridge Trail. There are several trail signs along the way. You can disregard any sign that doesn't say Moonridge Trail or Paradise Falls. And if you see arrows pointing in different directions for Moonridge Trail or the falls, always take the trail marked to the waterfall. Keep following the trails marked "waterfall" and you will get there.

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Please run the slideshow below showing the hike as it looks in February after some rain:

Paradise Falls Loop Slideshow

Once there enjoy the waterfall, take some photos or enjoy a snack while you take in the sights.

Paradise Falls is fed by Indian Creek that flows through the park before and after the falls. Once you've taken it all in, continue on the loop heading back to the trailhead by taking the trail on the left side of the waterfall, as you face it.

The mostly shaded trail meanders alongside the creek and then eventually crosses over to the right side of the creek via a bridge. Follow the sign on the other side of the bridge to Indian Creek Trail. You continue on this trail and will eventually cross back to the left side of the creek by hopping across some rocks.

Eventually you will almost get to a residential street, and you will see some houses on the other side. You can walk up to the street and take a left turn back to the parking lot, but I recommend taking a hard left on the trail right before the road and traveling on that trail almost 180 degrees to the rear and follow that trail back to the parking lot. This is a much more scenic way to get back to the start of the loop.

If possible, go on this hike after some good rains. The park is very pretty when it's nice and green in the cooler months, especially after some rain.

Enjoy your adventure!

The trail is very easy to find and get to. Whatever route you take to get to Thousand Oaks, you will want to eventually arrive in the area which is north of the 101 freeway and west of the 23 freeway, and onto Avenida De Los Arboles heading west. Keep going west and you will wind up in the parking lot of Wildwood Park. Start the loop hike at the main trailhead seen in the first photo of the slideshow.

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