Our Company

Reasons To Choose Daycare Catering

 · We focus on doing one thing exceptionally well– since 1991, we have specialized in feeding the bodies and minds of thousands of children with a consistently nutritious and tasty meal each and every day in Daycare Centers throughout Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

 · We love what we do and are confident that we are the best– in fact, we will provide a free, sample meal to any Daycare Center, group of parents or caregivers so they can taste our quality on a first-hand basis.

 · As of January 2012, we serve over 50 Daycare Centers and serve over 3,200 meals each day.

· We do our best to satisfy all of our customers– the kids, the parents, the caregivers and the Daycare Center Administrators.

 · All food procurement and preparation meets or exceeds USDA, CAA and Department of Human Services recommendations and specifications.


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