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        We built our own using over a decade of child care experience.  We wanted a safe, nurturing environment that was more than just a typical daycare. We wanted our son to truly learn, socialize AND have fun. More a school then a daycare…much more! Our goal was to make sure that our sons first 2000 days were as fun and educational as possible. We couldn’t find anything that fit all the criteria. So we used our experience in child care to open our own Calgary daycare school. Please take a look through our site and come for a visit. We hope you come to love 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten as much as we do!

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Many parents today are faced with the dilemma of finding care outside the home for their children because they both have to work during the day. They have two choices. Either they bring someone into the home that they would entrust the care of their child to or they place the child in one of the many day care centers that operate in their community. In many cases, the parents opt for placing their child in one of these facilities rather than having someone in their home.

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Finding the best day care centers can be a bit challenging as there are so many of them. You will want to conduct some research before making your decision and not just pick the first one that you see an advertisement for. There are a number of things that you want to take into consideration such as the quality of supervision and teaching, how the children interact with their peers and teachers, the appearance of the facility, etc. However there are some additional considerations to be aware of.

First and foremost, the difficulties involved in choosing the best daycare centers stems from the fact that there are so many of them. According to a study conducted by the Child Welfare League of America in the city of Philadelphia, only 20% (2 out of 10) of the facilities that were investigated provided good quality care. The other 80% were rated as providing mediocre to poor care for the children enrolled in these centers. This alone makes it necessary to be thorough when searching for the best care center.

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Another one of the primary characteristics of the better day care centers is the quality of the teachers that are employed by the facility. There are a number of benefits for the children when they are exposed to good quality teachers including:

o actively participating in children's activities and playing with them 
o being responsive to the needs of the children 
o communicating regularly with the parents of the child

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Teachers must have a degree or teaching certification with a background in early child development and education. This helps to increase their effectiveness as an educator of young children so that they conduct activities that are appropriate for children in this age bracket. It also teaches them better health and safety standards specifically designed for a day care setting combined with childhood educational theory. It is also required that the learning environment provided by these facilities is clean and safe.

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The last facet of the better day care centers is parental involvement. The higher quality day care centers will insist the parents getting involved with the child when being cared for. They are encouraged to drop in to the center - unannounced - at any time of the day or week and to keep records of the individual visits. They may also be invited to attend parent-teacher conferences at the center throughout the school year in order to discuss the child's progress and other issues.

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If you have decided to put your children in day care while you work, you have probably already made the difficult decision of whether to use an in-home setting or a company environment. If you have chosen the latter, you now need to select the best one for your kids. Consider some of the following points before you decide.

Many parents want their children to experience a structured environment in which they can not only be cared for, but also learn. Most places that run a day care in a building as opposed to a home setting are quite organized, with specific activities planned for different times. Education that is age-appropriate is usually a big part of the plan for such settings, so be sure to find out what you can expect your child to learn. You should also know the teaching qualifications of those in charge before they educate your kids.

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Just like anywhere else you take your kids, you should feel comfortable that safety is a priority at the day care you choose. Make sure there are not glaring safety issues, such as large items that could fall on small kids, cords laying around, or electrical sockets that are not covered. You should pay attention to cleanliness, since areas with lots of children need to be cleaned often to remain sanitary.

Additionally, you should find out what the day care you are interested in offers everyday. For example, you should know how often the children are fed, whether they have snacks, and what kind of food they can expect. You should also know which age groups have naptime, whether they will have story time, and how often they will get exercise, whether in the form of physical education or just recess. This way, you can have an idea of what your kids will be doing everyday while you are at work, and you can also compare the activities that different providers plan in order to choose the best one for your child.

Getting recommendations from other parents is also a good idea. This way, you can form a short list of the best ones you have heard about, and then compare different aspects when you visit each day care. Once you have made a decision, you can rest assured that you put a lot of time and thought into it to ensure that your children are going to the best provider possible. read More here

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There are several day care settings that are available. There are home day care options, family members as an option and care centers. Each option has its benefits and pitfalls. Day care centers actually offer some unique opportunities that they other settings may not offer. Many parents feel that a child care center is the best setting for their child because they like that care centers are structured.

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Strict Regulatory Guidelines

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Care centers are set up according to strict regulatory guidelines. In many states home care providers are also monitored but not the way day care centers are. Largely home care providers are given much more leeway because they have fewer children involved. They are under constant scrutiny and have to hold up to periodic inspections.

Knowing that your care facility has met or exceeds the standards that are set forth by the state that you live in gives parents peace of mind. In addition to meeting the standards it is also good to know that day care centers are monitored and inspected for safety. In many states a child care provider has to do a thorough background inspection of all of their employees.

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Education Based Day Care Centers

Many child centers offer an education based program. There are typically certified early education teachers on staff. The entire program is rather structured and is set up as a learning setting. This is the perfect opportunity to begin the formal education of your child early on.

There are day care centers that offer opportunities for education that are probably not available in alternate care settings. The "class rooms" are usually set up by age group and development. Many day cares are set up as developmental centers and are geared to assisting your child with reaching developmental milestones. Quite a few parents prefer the day care setting over the home care provider or even having a relative provide the child care because of the educational implications of using a care provider. Simply put, they believe that their children will learn more in their formative years if they have more personalized attention in a home setting. Having professional child care providers that are well educated in early child hood development is a great benefit when choosing out of home care.


Experts cite a child's socialization as one of the key benefits to having a care center provide child care. Usually in a care center as opposed to home child care provided settings there are more children to interact with. Play is structured and is age appropriate as is socialization. Being with children their own age, especially during the preschool years opens up a child's perception of other children and proper play techniques.

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There are many other benefits that enrolling your child in a care center provides, it is really relative as to what kind of care you expect for your child as to what you will find beneficiary. You are in the driver seat when it comes to your care provider. Finding a program that works for you and your family is the key to harmony. Considering the benefits of a day care provider may help you to make the right choice.
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Being a working parent is difficult for several reasons, especially as a single parent or as part of a household of two working parents. You work hard all day and when you get home it's hard to find the strength to tend your children's needs. You also worry about your child's education and upbringing while you're away. For these and many other reasons, one of a working parent's biggest concerns is finding the right childcare. Since you want your child to have the best education and upbringing, you need to do your research to find the best childcare option.
Day are is one child care option that many parents turn to in order to make sure that the education of their child is the best available. A day care in Milton has many benefits that make in an ideal option for working parents. One benefit is the facility. Day care centers are dedicated childcare facilities and therefore licensing and regulating are typically very strict. Because of this a good day care center will only have employees that are trained in early childhood education. In a day care facility, your child will have the opportunity to socialize and interact with other children of the same age. This is an ideal way for your child to develop good social and teamwork skills at an early age. These facilities are also reliable for scheduling. You don't have to worry about a nanny calling in sick, because at a center there will always be someone there. If this sounds right for you, check out centers for day care in Milton or your area to find the most reliable option.